I'm in the process of making my own work space in a shed and i was faced with the same problem anyone that tries to organize his tools face, to pegboard or not to pegboard ? that's really a big question, pegboards!! you love to hate them and hate to love them , i tried to find a variant of the pegboard idea and found out there is metal pegboards which was really expensive and wouldn't hold up as many tools as i want it to, so i went ahead and made one and it didn't cost me hardly anything and used salvaged materials "assuming that you already have the tools"

here is a picture of the semi final board because I'm still adding tools to it

Step 1: Materials & Tools

- an old washer (you can get it for free from the dumb or craigslist for me i used my old ready to be thrown away washer)
also don't limit yourself here you only need the sheet metal out of it so any appliance with a big straight sheet metal cover will work like a refrigerator, be imaginative.
the washer was perfect it has a 77" W 35" H sheet metal cover which is 18 AWG about 1MM sturdy and easy to work with
, powder coated for rust and abuse protection all over i was happy with the material.

- 2  2x4s for making a frame
- 1 1/4 screws (about 30)
- 5/8   4" lag screws (6)
-pegboard hooks (or you can make your own)
-hard disk drive magnets "rare earth magnets"

- drill
- metal drill bits (i used step drill bits but any will do)
- long ruler
- pencil
- dotted rubber gloves
- safety glasses
- tin snips or hack saw or angle grinder anything available will do

A highly commendable reuse of the appliance steel; your organizer looks like it was made from new materials. <br> <br>Surely it will give you many years of good service and inspiration to build other fine things.
thank you i always try to reuse old and discarded items specially for parts and giving it new life and purpose , powder coated metals are very durable and can live for years and you can always wash it and will look like brand new .
Thank you, Islam. These are some very resourceful ideas. <br> <br>BTW - your English is better than most who were born here ! ! !
thank you for stopping by and for the kind words , I consider myself lucky that i love to read and most books worth reading were in English , that's how i learned the language
Where did you get the 10 outlet strip? I want to do the same exact thing as you have! <br> <br>Thanks, <br>-Nigel
it was on clearance at lowes for 20$ , regular is 30$ , hope to see pictures when you are done .
Excellant Instructable, its given me a few ideas for my own workshop. good work
thank you , I'm glad you liked it.
I could never get something like this to work for me. But it looks good for you!
with the extensive tools that you own i bet you need at least 10 of this just to hold some of your most used tools only, but for a guy like me just starting out my work space it works perfectly , thank you for taking the time to look and comment, &quot;I love your work space BTW&quot;
I don't so much own tools as I'm a curator of my own museum. I go out on seasonal acquisition expeditions and drag home whatever I unearth. This is last weekend's haul:<br> <br> <a href="http://i.imgur.com/EMHrC.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://i.imgur.com/EMHrC.jpg</a><br> <br> <a href="http://i.imgur.com/ieMSq.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://i.imgur.com/ieMSq.jpg</a><br> <br> <a href="http://i.imgur.com/WCRO5.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://i.imgur.com/WCRO5.jpg</a><br> <br> Now I'm in the process of cataloging it all and integrating it into my setup. So far I'm most of the way done with the office supplies, and have pretty much tackled the bucket of <a href="http://i.imgur.com/nMwHj.jpg" rel="nofollow">hand tools</a>. The grinder I've pulled the arbors off it, and wheeled them clean. I still have to take the rest of it apart and clean, and paint it.<br> <br> It's a sickness I'm telling you! But all of that junk for $10 how could I pass it up?<br> <br>
I'm exactly the same i haven't been to the US but for 6 month and i'm hoarding tools from everywhere also for a few bucks that i really cant pass up on even if i don't have a use for it just right now but i wouldn't call it a sickness we are collectors that's what we do collect tools <br>BTW how long have you been collecting all this tools and if you have special places that you buy this stuff from please share i'm still new and exploring around , it's a completely different culture than my home country .
Nice instructable. However, it is duct tape, not duck tape.
You can read <a href="http://www.google.com/url?q=http://www.duckbrand.com/Duck%2520Tape%2520Club/history-of-duck-tape.aspx&sa=U&ei=H9KVT9mDGcGd6AGq44yyBA&ved=0CBYQFjAB&sig2=o8HW5_6cXb60Xuhr99Lv_g&usg=AFQjCNFrPalKMOmcfdgsv5ZFmrCLBUvUWQ" rel="nofollow">the story</a> of the origin of <strong>DUCK</strong> tape online if you are so inclined. It is interesting.
It's been said lots of times before that 'duck' tape is a brand of duct tape, so it's not really a mistake.
the original name for &quot;duct tape&quot; was Duck Tape because it was originally developed for water proofing ammo boxes and the like in WWII and some soldiers thought it shed water like a ducks feathers. It was later found to be great for duct work, so the name shifted, but technically both are right.
Thanks for the info , i didn't know this before , anyway English is not my native language and i wrote it as i hear it and seen it written so many times , so let's just say the multi-use tape
It truly is a tape of many names!
This is really cool ! <br>Once I have my own workshop space I'll definitely use this instructable. <br>Thanks
I'm glad you liked it , please share pictures when you are done with yours
Great design! <br><br>You leave me without excuse not to get to work on my own tool pane, definitely.<br>
Thank you , i definitely love it , please post pictures when you are done with yours

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