Hi all!
This is the most useless project in the world! It consist in a Coke can attached to an Arduino trough a coaxial cable and two resistors that make a sound when an hand is near it.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

For make that I've used:

-1x Arduino Uno Board (or equivalent)
-1x 270kOhm resistor
-1x 10kOhm resistor
-1x alligator clip (not in the photo)
- a piece of coaxial cable
- a short wire
-1x Piezo speaker
-1x rubber band (optional)
-1x full Coke can (not an empty one!)
-1x beer coaster
-2x A4 sheets of printer paper

- scissors
- tape (of any sort, for example I've used insulating tape)
- glue stick
- fibre pen (not in the photo and optional: it' s for making the sign "FREE COKE")
- soldering iron with relative tools (not in the photo)
<p>doesn't work</p>
<p>It doesn't work <em>your</em> replication of my project. Maybe you've did something wrong... If you need I'll help you but, please, don't say that something doesn't work (apparently only to you) before of trying every way to make it work!</p>
Why didn't you just make the coaster pressure sensitive?
Because in this way it uses electrodynamics&lsquo; and electrostatics&lsquo; priciples so, at least for me, it is more interesting.
well, its impressive with the model. but when i reach to the programming step i cant find any solution, <br>After creating this model, how do i implement with the program.
Sincerly, I've not very well understood your question. You simply don't know about upload code to an Arduino board, you get some errors while uploading or what else?
Looks like beer mats from the Augustiner in Munich to me (having drunk and been drunk in there many times... And returning there next June!
Well, it IS a coaster of the Augustiner beer of Munich!
this should be one for all of alcoholics.(parents)
Diy theremin?
Maybe... If you make some modifies to the sketch it will become a very simple theremin but I don't recommend it because it's too elementary and probably it will not work well
hook this up to <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Psychoacoustic-Bucket-from-Hell/" rel="nofollow">This</a>&nbsp;for some real fun.
Useless? Nah, looks more like a great day of fun! Nice job!
Well, maybe it's not useless before and while making it, because is a beautiful pastime, but once it's done, I don't really find a utility to this thing... However, thanks for your appreciation!

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Bio: I'm an Italian 19 years old automation engineering student.
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