The Water Car





Introduction: The Water Car

make a small,simple 2 minute water car!.

it needs to be pushed to be moved in water but you could add a engine
or get a balloon strap it on and go!.

Anyway heres what you need!.

Sorry for bad graphics...

Step 1: Balloon Time!.

blow up the balloon,tie it and tape the ends together
that should make a oval shape.

Step 2: Cardboard Time!

Next cut out a suitable shape to fit the middle of the balloon,then tape it
and yes it does look like a hover craft,and thats good
because you can use it that way.

Step 3: Your Done! Kinda...

well,yes you are pretty much done exept it wont move.
Well you can make it move,you can buy one of those cheap
small fans that run on watch batteries you can attach them upside down so it's propellers are have in the water or you can strap a normal balloon to it and go!.




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Cool, but on the front page you should add the finished project, so people can see what it looks like first :P

thats a awsome idea! Im going to try to make one but its gonna have two balloons curled in a circle so it will be longer and im going to put another balloon at the back so when i blow up the balloon and let go it will start to go

yeah! awsome you should made it with a motor in the instructable.but......i liked it

this summer I'm going to build something like this,except with an inner-tube instead of a balloon, plywood instead of cardboard, and rope instead of tape


Just call it boat... sounds better than water car or water glider.

thanks for comments,and know it s not a car and thankyou
for pointing that out.I should have titled it water glider
or some weird name like that.

doesnt look too much like a car

ya, its a cool idea, but on such a small scale, and such lack of instruction if find that this instructable could have been greatly improved, if you could recreate this on a larger scale with better materials, you could really have something here, but overall this instructable is quite useless, sorry

That's not a car