i will teach you step by step how to save the earth.

Step 1: Energy: Wind Turbine

buy or make a wind turbine to save energy it is good to make wind turbines because you will have energy from the wind and will save you money.
This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!
<p>What are the companies supposed to do with the petroleum byproducts being used to manufacture plastic bags and how many trees will be required to make paper bags instead? How long will it take to earn back the money it costs to install these renewable wind and solar products? How much does it cost to maintain wind turbines? Do you store the power in batteries for use at night? How much does it cost to buy enough batteries to produce enough power to run home heating/cooling systems, hot water heaters, and other electrical needs? How often do you have to replace the batteries?</p>
Dont forget to save water thats just less energy to pump water around and warm hot water
If a Florescent bulb breaks a bio-hazard team has to come and clean it up. Even though they are more energy efficient they can be dangerous if broken.
&nbsp;They make good trash bags, &nbsp;I am just hard on greenies, testing faith so to say, I look at going green to but in a practical way. &nbsp;You should to&nbsp;florescent&nbsp;bulbs I got some things to say about them.
&nbsp;How much energy do you save after:<br /> The metal is mine&nbsp;<br /> the metal is purified<br /> the metal is forged<br /> the metal is loaded and&nbsp;shipped<br /> you weld, use tools, which were made and shipped to<br /> AND MORE<br /> kinda defeats the&nbsp;purpose<br /> <br />
thnaks<br /> have a nice day
Do you have any recommendations for when an asteroid hits?
or make algae to eat the carbon dioxide, and make biodiesel out of it, just speculating, and also planting plants
Decent set of common knowledge guidelins. However... Recycling is nitpicky. Some places will not take all types of plastic and thus some must be thrown away because thats what will happen at the plant anyways. Using a sanitary dump is pointless since the trash is compacted and will prevent aerobic bacteria from decomposing the biodegradables. So besure to compost your old food scraps and "contaminated" (Has food stains) cardboard pizza boxes and paper plates. Planting flowers needs to include not planting invasive species that will eliminate domestic plants. Do not use English Ivy unless it is indoors. Perrinials last longer and their seeds can be collected at the end of the season. Bulbs are great because they always come back. Home veggie gardens have double benefit. You get low cost and safely grown food + they filter the air. DO NOT PLANT WALNUT TREES WHERE YOU WANT TO HAVE OTHER TREES/FLOWERS! Just a few extras that you could include in this, but hey thats just my 2 cents.

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