Picture of The wire-less Ikea LEDstrip : gruesome green hack
I have to get up while it is still dark and I do not want to wake my wife too much.
On the other hand I would like to be able to know what I'm wearing by other
means than the laughter of co-workers.

So I needed a LED strip in my closet.

Ikea sells a nice one, called "Komplement". I got one of those.
Then I discovered that my closet apparently is located in a "strictly no-power socket"  zone.
So I needed a solution without wires. 

This hack shows how to eliminate the need for a power socket for this LED strip, while
re-using the provided transformer(-case) as a battery compartment.
My need for the LED strip is each morning a few seconds, so a battery should last a
long time. YMMV.

as usual, do not complain to anybody if the hack fails. It's your own decision
and hence at your own risk that you choose to follow this instructable.

throw away the  mains cable that might accompany the LED strip. You will not need
it during ro after this hack. 

I encourage you to take the idea and change it to your situation/case/needs.
Let us know when you invent a solar version of this (didn't Ikea sell solar desk lamp ? hmmm..)

If you want to copy this literally you will need :
- Ikea Komplement LED strip
- sturdy pincers
- knife or cutting pincers
- phillips screwdriver
- soldering iron & solder
- bit of wire
- 9v rechargeable battery
- connector for 9v battery
- small switch
- some glue

let's get moving.
this hack wil not be pretty, but pretty effective.
I'm running two months now and I did not have to change the battery yet.

raalst (author) 1 year ago

I just had to charge the 9v battery for the first time. About a year of service !

and that was only because I left the lights on.

ehudwill2 years ago
I like your project. Could we see a picture of the strip lit up?
raalst (author)  ehudwill2 years ago
I tried before but the flashlight gets in the way. I'll ask my wife, she's the expert photographer. hang in there
raalst (author)  raalst2 years ago
Done. I added a photo on the last page showing the general effect