The wire-less Ikea LEDstrip : gruesome green hack


Step 3: And bury the remains

Nearly there.

take the switch, the battery and the bit of PCB. mount the bit of PCB in it's original place.
Then (test-)fit the battery and the switch.
When you have decided how to put in the battery and the switch, there probably remain
three things to do
  • snip off the bits of plastic that make the battery sit too high in the case (preventing you from closing the case all the way). I noticed some 9v batteries are slimmer than others, requiring more or less trimming. My battery is kept in place just by screwing the two halves of the case shut.
  • mount the switch. As your switch might not be exactly like mine, you have to invent your own way of fxing it to the case. 
  • fix the black plug in place. I used a toothpick to press it into the case, you might want to glue it.

after this, shut the case with the phillips screws. decide where you want the case (and the switch !)
to be so you can easily reach it in pitch darkness. I mounted the case next to the LEDstrip, where it
is nearly out of sight.
you might want to give some thought about replacing batteries, as the case must be screwed open
for this. Just be sure the case can be removed if need be.

Now follow the normal installation procedures for the LED strip and the case provided by Ikea. 

and presto !  Light where there was none. And less fashion surprises to boot.

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raalst (author) 2 months ago

I just had to charge the 9v battery for the first time. About a year of service !

and that was only because I left the lights on.


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