The worlds best paper airplane. The world length record is 102 feet!

Picture of The worlds best paper airplane. The world length record is 102 feet!
this plane is ultimately my favorite paper airplane. its cool, fast, and far flying.Try throwing it off a jungle gym at your nearest park. Just bear in mind that you might not see it again. also this plane is perfect to fit in any pocket comfortably!

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Step 1: Collect your paper

Picture of collect your paper
on this plane you can use any paper that is 8 1/2 x 11 inches, i like that thin decorative paper its cool and pretty. but your ordinary printer paper will work fine. all you need is a piece of paper, No tape, No scissors, No paper clips, just paper!

Step 2: Start folding!

Picture of start folding!
you are going to need to do the most precise folds for the best plane. first off you are going to fold the paper into a triangle and do the same on the other side.

Step 3: Folding

Picture of folding
okay now you need to fold the sides in just like the pictures

Step 4: Folding

Picture of folding
Now fold the whole plane in half.

Step 5: Folding

Picture of folding
no unfold it and fold the top down so the crease down the center is perfectly overlapping the other.
after fold the two sides so the corners are touching each other, then unfold them.

Step 6: Folding

Picture of folding
fold the bottom part up so it is folding right along the creases on the sides.

Step 7: Folding

Picture of folding
now fold those pesky sides in so they are perfectly along the side of the plane.

Step 8: Folding

Picture of folding
now fold those parts you just folded, fold them in again. ~_~ (i know confusing)

Step 9: Folding!

Picture of folding!
Fold the top popping out of your odd creation.

Step 10: Folding

Picture of folding
now fold it neatly in half.

Step 11: Wings

Picture of wings
Now fold the wings on the line across the bottom of the plane.

Step 12: How to fly

Now hold it near the center and fold the wings a bit up and throw it with medium power, upward a bit, and watch it fly away in the horizon.
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WOW!!!!! This plane is awesome. I used line paper like u know ummmm.... not sure what the paper is called but this plane flew like 50 feet then hit a wall. All i know is that the paper has lines and three holes.Great Job!

is it notebook paper?

Lined paper?

notebook paper?
i think it is notebook paper too


Notebook paper or loose-leaf paper, whatever you wanna call it.

DanDan0101 made it!22 days ago

I made it!


nice one

T0BY20 days ago

Wow, this looks like fun! I have to make one!

DanDan0101 made it!22 days ago

I made it!

B3a5t M0d3125 days ago

It is called the hammer

B3a5t M0d3125 days ago

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MarnixM27 days ago
It came out great!

it's still good

kind of

Gameruser17382 made it!1 month ago

I did it




CATHOLIC1 month ago

i cant make this plane

CATHOLIC1 month ago

called the hammer

HippieNinja1 month ago
JaceB1 month ago

Did it on my first try. Modified it and it went straight at a elderly but it went up and over to continue flying. This IS the best plane ever.

SamuelT52 months ago

It flies really far... I like the airplane

JessicaL103 months ago

This really help me for the airplane contest in my school! Thank u i think i can win the gift card. Good Luck for Me!!!

I am having a paper airplane contest too

taraisok3 months ago

I suck I tried but that is not me in the pic I'm actually a girl not the girl in the back round either but at least I tried how did you do it

cdogS3 months ago

this sucks

BenjaminD33 months ago

8/8 m8

JuniorN3 months ago


mjeon1 made it!4 months ago
RonaldS44 months ago


RonaldS44 months ago


MeryT made it!4 months ago

there is something like this airplane , the first part it is the same but then it is diifrent and it goes really far it show how much it can go you just have to go to google search how to make the worlds best paper airplane and its the first video>>>>>:::::))))))) .THIS IS THAT ARIPLANE THAT THE VIDEO SHOWS HOW TO MAKE REALLY REALLY COOL.IN THE FRIST PART THIS GUY TROWS IT AND IT GOES FAR FAR AWAY. ;)

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