Step 12: How to fly

Now hold it near the center and fold the wings a bit up and throw it with medium power, upward a bit, and watch it fly away in the horizon.
WOW!!!!! This plane is awesome. I used line paper like u know ummmm.... not sure what the paper is called but this plane flew like 50 feet then hit a wall. All i know is that the paper has lines and three holes.Great Job!
notebook paper?
i think it is notebook paper too
whoohoo2 years ago
I kind of modified it and it accidentally flew onto so random houses roof!
killer252 years ago
i threw this thing and it got stuck in the top of a pine tree!!!!
nice I like the plane
noob0062 years ago
does applying glue affects the length of flight?
oddball3173 years ago
if your paper airplane is unbalanced on the sides due to inaccurate folding, put a paperclip on the side, but close to the flap you hold when you throw it. If it nosedives or stalls, then put flaps on the back and angle. hope this helps!
ClaireRocks2 years ago
mine likes the taste of dirt
mine too!!!!
smvp3 years ago
hey! when i throw,it was very far! :D anyway, thanks
This is an awesome plane! I tried the one on this link, it flies well, but is absolutely impossible to fold. This one is waaay easier!

Electrodude4 years ago
the first one i made flew awesome!
dremeldude4 years ago
really nice plane, flies quite a distance
this did not fly well for me
struckbyanarrow (author)  ohiostbuckboy6 years ago
did you ever come to think you did it wrong?
struckbyanarrow (author)  ohiostbuckboy6 years ago
did you ever come to think you did it wrong?
did you ever come to think he just answered that question? you're right, he probably messed up or isn't throwing it right or something, but i doubt your comment helped him at all...
try different paper if the paper you used is too thick the folds become bad and uneven and it doesnt fly well
absolutely! mine keeps diving and finishing early. how long(time) shouldit fly?
jobo34 years ago
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!threw it from the terrace and i think it went into space awesome
dwwright4 years ago
BEST PLANE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
struckbyanarrow (author)  andrefirhans4 years ago
Did you create an account just to say that? that is pretty "wow".
Thanks for teaching me how to make that airplane. I am 100% winning the competition.
Denis Peric4 years ago
what kind of paper I need to take :)
I think you need a A4 paper. Normal paper by de way
sethrizzo4 years ago
The plane didn't work for me but thanks anyway
Delo974 years ago
Not too bad. May be much much better, but not too bad.
rats75 years ago
It flew maybe 10 feet then did a nosedive. It was kinda a waste of time.
noda rats74 years ago
yea i tried mine and it flew downward, so i added flaps on the back to send it up a little bit. works great!
Ruffles15 years ago
Wow that flies good. how did you come up with the design?
its an awesome plane now i have sumtin else to annoy my teacher wit tnx    :-D
janiru5 years ago
 aaaaaaaaaah i'm falling in love!

rachel12345 years ago
This worked great! I have never made a plane like this before.

very unique!
zxrax6 years ago
I made it, it was a spitting image of yours, but it flew maybe 15 feet before nosediving to the ground. Took me the entirety of 20 minutes to make too! 3/5 because one of the steps confused me and because I have NO idea how ANYONE could get this thing to go 102 feet.
TTSDA6 years ago
I made one out of whte paper and it was realy nice !!! It was fast and precise XD
zxrax TTSDA6 years ago
That's what she said. :D
Namanarusia6 years ago
THE CONCEPT BEHIND IT: 1.More the long the body and the wings, more its stable. 2.More the weight on tip (front), More its faster.<(LESS KNOWN BUT POWERFUL) Most of the foldings are just "add weight to" front. That' why it flies so well.
x man226 years ago
it was a good air plane but i can do better
DEADMAU5FTW6 years ago
Great plane it flew at least 60 feet.! My 2nd best plane and i have like 20 or 30.
mizzoufan966 years ago
AWSOME plane flew 40 feet till it hit a wall lmao im tryin it outside now :D thanxz
superb plane
nice plane !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best we have ever done: > love it angel nicholle
Tchezz6 years ago
Swee plane!!! Faster than a Dart!!! Txs!!
jasonlol6 years ago
I tried to make it but it is kinda hard
dakota74746 years ago
im loving the plane let me know if you got any new ones!
chinnerz7 years ago
I have tried to build the like 4 times now, they are all like spit images of yours, I am holding it in the middle and I am throwing it with all kinds of different power, and I have to say, this is the worst paper plane I have eva seen, it dose glide a bit but it has a steady decline. I don't know how you will get 102ft, unless you fire it out of a cannon!. Also in step 6 what is with the creases? to sum up a good Instructable, lots of pictures and instructions are clear, but for best results fire project out of cannon! 4 stars
Ur bunk :)
im bunk? what is bunk?
Antoino14416 years ago
cool plane man i used it in a paper plane contest it flew 123 feet and 7inches, i won first place and a 25 dollar gift card
IT DID FLY.....50 FEET...BUT DOWNWARDS!!!! I Live on the fourth floor!!!! Now i gotta go and get it back!!!
ScienceWiz6 years ago
GRRRRRR, I just build one, that was perfect. It looked just like yours, except white, and I threw it. It flew for more then 20 feet!!!!!! Then, hit a wall and dropped directly into my dogs water bowl!!!!!!! It is now sitting in front of my keyboard, wet and soggy. Great instructable!!!! Amazing plane
struckbyanarrow (author)  ScienceWiz6 years ago
thanks! please rate!
laxman7356 years ago
make sure you fold the creases perfectly, I made one that i did not fold carefully... the thing went wild
Mine just dropped to the ground after a steady 5 feet or so. Perhaps there's too much weight in front. Maybe it could be better if the wings had more than one layer.
Dragontrap7 years ago
Very cool, and even though you missed a couple of written steps, the images were easy enough to follow. Took me like 5 minutes to make one and it flies pretty far
struckbyanarrow (author)  Dragontrap7 years ago
thanks! please rate!
Enemy58027 years ago
Thx i might win the contest after all!!!
struckbyanarrow (author)  Enemy58027 years ago
oh cause in school we had a whose paperairplane can fly the longest and uhhh yeah i won with ur airplane. $67.00!!!!
struckbyanarrow (author)  Enemy58027 years ago
give credit to me
agreed. ?'
struckbyanarrow (author)  codongolev7 years ago