Step 2: start folding!

you are going to need to do the most precise folds for the best plane. first off you are going to fold the paper into a triangle and do the same on the other side.


WOW!!!!! This plane is awesome. I used line paper like u know ummmm.... not sure what the paper is called but this plane flew like 50 feet then hit a wall. All i know is that the paper has lines and three holes.Great Job!
<p>note book paper but you dont want to use that because the holes off balance it</p>
<p>He asked that seven years ago</p>
<p>But now he knows!</p>
Nice description of the paper?
<p>triple post</p>
<p>It's notebook paper. It's also called loose leaf paper, or lined paper. Most people call it notebook paper, though.</p>
<p>is it notebook paper?</p>
<p>Lined paper?</p>
notebook paper?
i think it is notebook paper too <br>
<p>Notebook paper or loose-leaf paper, whatever you wanna call it. </p>
I loved this plane dude????
<p>Why are you asking?</p>
Works great! (I made it, but couldn't add the image due to a website error)
<p>what makes this different from normal paper airplanes. What features makes it fly farther?</p>
Now it's right!
<p>Awesome!!!!! i did this for my Science Fair Project , and it went 50 feet high and we got 1st place</p>
<p>I saw this in a paper airplane book...</p>
<p>I did it! Haven't tested but...I have faith in this</p>
<p>this is the best plane I ever made</p>
<p>Thesis just such a nice plane</p>
<p>It fies so far!!!!!</p>
<p>umm doesn't really work for me</p>
<p>this is like a magic paper airplane.</p>
<p>THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!</p>
<p>I need more help on throwing it. But it's fold is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>I love this plane alot, it is called the hamer and is in the clutz book of paper airplanes this is a great book so is the paper it holds the CLUTZ recornd not world the world record by redbull is 332 meters or 996 feet. It is very simaler to the f-14 in flight or its wings folded</p>
<p>lol i can make an even better one that flies like 150ft</p>
<p>Nevermind got it dw</p>
<p>what do you call the plane</p>
<p>it flies awesomley</p>
Great little plane so easy to fold for a great result.

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