Being under a budget, this is what I use to take table top macro pictures. Unlike a Tenis ball which might not support the camera, this will reduce all camera shake, and is endlessly adjustable for even the tiniest changes in composition.


Plastic ziplock bag

Step 1: Fill the Bag

Taking a ziplock bag, fill it with rice.

Leave enough empty space so the bag is still malleable, but has enough density to support a camera.

I recommend about 3/4 full.

Squeeze out any excess air, and presto.

Try it out.

It works like a dream. You have endless angles that can be made by simply shifting the rice around inside the bag, yet perfectly level images can be captured as well.
Huh. Cool, I never thought of this! I suppose any sort of bean bag would work, like a fabric tube sewn from scraps or even one of those stuffed animals that were everywhere a few years ago.
This is a great idea. I have used it for years.<br><br>One suggestion. Put the bag of rice inside another Ziplock bag. <br>Having rice leaking from a punctured bag is embarrassing not to mention a waste of a potentially great congee.

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