Introduction: TheDunKILLMeZak

credit goes to TheDunkis' Mepain and Zak
this gun is quite literally my attempt to combine the best features of both the Oodassault and MeZak pistols

Step 1: Body

Step 2: Mag

Step 3: Firing Pin

Step 4: Final Assembly/extras

Step 5: Lock N' Load

pics soon



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I built this and it is very powerful i shot it at some hard wood and it cracked up my red connector. also the instructions where very good and EZ to follow.

im having a problem with the mag.
it explodes when i fire.
what have i done wrong

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You have been cursed by the Oodammo bad luck syndrome XD

thats not very helpful

my gun is not working well when i load it it will shot the entire mag. The firing pin will push the mag hard to turn it over and drop all the ammo pls help!! i will send pictures of it if u want!

My favorite pistol to date. Mine gets over 100 feet with only 2 rubber bands. GREAT! :D

Does the safety actually work??? I've never seen a K'nex gun with a safety before.

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Man I love Oodammo. This gun and The Racker rifle are my weapons of choice!

in metallics!!!(i know black or dark green dont really count but it fits the dark theme nicely

also check out the custom sight i added

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nice! happy you like it... i built this gun more for fun than anything else but it seems to get a lot of attention lol
you gun looks good!

sorry i forgot the ) at the end of the last comment

probably the best oodammo pistol ive ever seen! 5*

p.s. thax for the instructions so easy to follow XD

I built this gun from thedunkis's instructions then built this mag together in less than 20 minutes. Great job! My only recomendation is to make your instructions for the mag to be more clear. that took me longer than anything else. i give the origional gun plus your mag 5 stars. my dogs disagree ( snickers).

The locking mechanism is a bit hazy, how do you make the pusher lock back?

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use a size 64 rubberband wrapped very tightly around the bottom like i pictured which is squeezing the sides against the mag pusher's black ball socket

Did a 1000fps video of this gun firing, I think I built it wrong, the ammo clips keep exploding in the video