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credit goes to TheDunkis' Mepain and Zak
this gun is quite literally my attempt to combine the best features of both the Oodassault and MeZak pistols

Step 1: Body

Picture of Body

Step 2: Mag

Picture of Mag

Step 3: Firing Pin

Picture of Firing Pin

Step 4: Final Assembly/extras

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Step 5: Lock N' Load

pics soon


The Knex Inventor made it! (author)2017-01-18

This is a very nice pistol! It shoots far and doesn't use up too many pieces. Unfortunately, I am having the same problem as laserbeam did: my mag explodes when I fire the gun. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Never mind, I fixed the problem. I wrapped some electrical tape around the place where the yellow rod and yellow connector connected, and now it's working great!

Im happy you like it! I haven't built this in a long time! It was a gun just for fun nothing to serious. With that being said you can fix your problem by switching up the firing pin bands up a bit. Your band placement is pushing the pin down which will hit multiple ammo causing it to break the mag. If you have the bands push up a bit it will only hit 1 shot.

can you believe that was almost 7 years ago? Time flies man

Okay. Thanks for the help! BTW, have you heard about my new 2017 Instructables K'NEX Gun Contest? It is open from Jan. 16th to May 29th. The official rules and prize descriptions are located on the contest page. Please consider posting something to enter in it.

Possibly the SRV3?

sonic broom (author)2015-02-02

I built this and it is very powerful i shot it at some hard wood and it cracked up my red connector. also the instructions where very good and EZ to follow.

laserbeam (author)2011-05-27

im having a problem with the mag.
it explodes when i fire.
what have i done wrong

boo! c:

beanieostrich (author)laserbeam2011-05-27

You have been cursed by the Oodammo bad luck syndrome XD

laserbeam (author)beanieostrich2011-05-28

thats not very helpful

beanieostrich (author)laserbeam2011-05-28

I dont know what to tell you man.

TheAwesomestDude (author)2013-09-06

Lol the title looks like "don't kill me zak!"

ulrick108 (author)2013-04-18

my gun is not working well when i load it it will shot the entire mag. The firing pin will push the mag hard to turn it over and drop all the ammo pls help!! i will send pictures of it if u want!

knexsniper1 (author)2013-03-03

My favorite pistol to date. Mine gets over 100 feet with only 2 rubber bands. GREAT! :D

knexguy237 (author)2012-12-01

Does the safety actually work??? I've never seen a K'nex gun with a safety before.

Yes it works

~Meme~ (author)2012-04-21

Man I love Oodammo. This gun and The Racker rifle are my weapons of choice!

the_boss_builder (author)2012-03-31

in metallics!!!(i know black or dark green dont really count but it fits the dark theme nicely

also check out the custom sight i added

nice! happy you like it... i built this gun more for fun than anything else but it seems to get a lot of attention lol
you gun looks good!

sorry i forgot the ) at the end of the last comment

the_boss_builder (author)2012-03-31

probably the best oodammo pistol ive ever seen! 5*

p.s. thax for the instructions so easy to follow XD

shazooo2u (author)2012-03-20

I built this gun from thedunkis's instructions then built this mag together in less than 20 minutes. Great job! My only recomendation is to make your instructions for the mag to be more clear. that took me longer than anything else. i give the origional gun plus your mag 5 stars. my dogs disagree ( snickers).

smidge147 (author)2012-02-20

The locking mechanism is a bit hazy, how do you make the pusher lock back?

use a size 64 rubberband wrapped very tightly around the bottom like i pictured which is squeezing the sides against the mag pusher's black ball socket

smidge147 (author)2012-02-21

Did a 1000fps video of this gun firing, I think I built it wrong, the ammo clips keep exploding in the video

james4 (author)2011-12-30

Title= Don't kill me zak


sandmman (author)2011-08-02

looks great :D

mulletman6 (author)2011-07-28

Awesome gun!

thanks lol it was just something i was messing around with its more of a fun gun than a war gun but its almost war worthy lol

Fred the evil puppet (author)2011-05-06

This is the perfect sidearm for the tr8

thanks man i really do appreciate the encouragement : D ive been super busy lately im sure ill pick back up the k'nex soon : )

When you do, can you try making a really small shotgun? I would like one of those.

i have several shotgun ideas that i have on hold at the moment due to me being way too busy however once i have time to work on em ill post what i come up with

When it comes out I will build straight away! On YouTube you have a shotgun shell or something, post that!
In my room right now I have a tr8, srv2 and the Dunkillmezak all at once!
(yes, I have about as much Knex as you)

Ive got the tr8 the carbine rifle from dutchwarlord and now i am building the dunkillmezak XD

lol thats awesome! take a pic!

I kinda broke up the Dunkillmezak in the agony of not having any peices left to build oblivitus' beast pistol...

no problem : )

dsman195276 (author)2010-11-02

That's a tongue twister ;-)

It looks good over all, the only thing that i see that could be a problem is the mag release is a little ways away from the handle, but ehh, I have small hands ether way...


its a tilt mag so you pull down the pusher till it locks then tilt the mag back load a stripper clip and your set just flick the mag back with your finger and it locks into place

Oh no, you read what I was saying wrong.

It just seems like if I were to pull back the mag with my middle finger, my middle finger wouldn't reach the mag.


yeah your not suppose to be able to reach it with your shooting hand but i got what you mean

With the srv2, did you drain most of your peices with it?

no i bought more pcs to build it lol

i cant get it to work

check out this link or my other vid for help


laserbeam (author)2011-05-10

it wont lock

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