This time I decided to do something about people trying to move in on my front page ratings. I made my Mini TDS "mini-er"

This gun is surprisingly stronger than the original. It is also surprisingly accurate with the barrel after the trigger only being the width of a dark grey or orange connector. I don't care if this version isn't smaller than the OKP I just care that this improved the gun greatly.
I'm also working on another Mini TDS which has a bigger magazine styled more like Dsmans (don't worry it still had the angle) and it can use not only dark greys but dark greys with green rods both without any trouble. I dunno I found that pretty cool that the magazine was able to load two different kinds of ammo...three if you count white rods but lol I havn't even tried those yet.

P.S. Mykhailo, if you say "Reminds me of a Colt .25" one more time I swear I will hunt you down and stab you with a spoon.
Alright I ment it just as a small joke but now it's just annoying. You guys may think "*snort* hey I'll say it reminds me of a colt .25 because I think I'll look so funny *snort snort*" Really any more comments like that I see (unless by Mykhailo seeing that he was the original butt of the joke) I'll flag so please leave real comments from now on.

Step 1: Handle/Magazine

Alright same old magazine as before except I decided to give it an angle similar to the original TDS. This makes it a little more comfortable to hold especially when using the trigger. Alright well the gun will hold 5 dark greys which I find pretty good. If you are careful who knows you might get 6 in there but I doubt it.
1. Do I really need to explain it...
2. ...seriously do I... (yes the modded piece is needed for best results...in fact if you are willing to I would put another on the other orange connector facing the same way)
3. ...because if I really need to then just get out of here.
Well, because of looks
THis is my fav gun on the site!!!!!!!!!
its SO TINY OMG!!!!!!!!!
That's what she said...
ha ha ha lol
Reminds me of a Glock .26
a rubber band does work better instead of tape
ill try it thanks
it works thanks
make it out of micro knex
Im making out of knex minis. 5* <br /> <br /> <em>Reminds me of a Colt .25</em><br />
*snort* hey I'll say it reminds me of a colt .25 because I think I'll look so funny *snort snort*<br/>
is it ok if i mod this cool gun for better shooting?
no its not needed dont use it its a waste
Hey, this reminds me of the noisy cricket from MIB! And a... oh... never mind... lol @ 2nd
I don't get it. Why does the TDS2 work with the Y connector NOT broken? And why does this one need the Y connector to be broken? They have the same magazine.
Handle angle.
takes a while to load ; ( But fires flawlessly <:D
i also put a blue not the flake one the little one on the white rod at the bottom of the yellow connecter and it shoots even farther
800,000 stars!! =)<br/>works flawlessly! thanks!<br/>
DUDE!!! I just made an exact replica of this with the mini knex and it shoots farther/harder than the original tds. LOL. It is awesome! I keep it in my pocket for wars...
how? mini knex bend when used as firing pins.
Only if you have a crappy rubber band placement...
i tried every way possible, it did not work.
Well, sorry. But you must have done it wrong... It's not just me either... K.T.E. got it to work too.
what kind of bands were you using?
Size #32. ('Bout 1/2 width of a #64.)
thank you.
No problem.<br/><br/>=p<br/>
what eqals P?
It's just a way to make a smiley face with his tongue sticking out... Lean your head to the left and look at it.
i see.
you betta you betta you bet...
*leans head sideways* i see.<br/>
I have also done that. I finished it a while ago.
post it!
Well, I could but it is <em>EXTREMELY</em> easy to just look at what parts are used and find the mini version so I don't think I will.<br/>
i want it posted because i have a bunch of minis and can't figure out the proper proportions for this: they don't have the same ratios of parts in mini.
Just find the shortest rod size (black) and find the next biggest, next biggest, so on. And no, they don't have the same ratios. But the gun will still work.
The sizes are one peg longer than normal k'nex.
this is now the tiniest true trigger mag feed pistol (not counting tick, germ, el mosquito.) on instructables due to the fact that the OKP no longer exists.
It reminds me of a colt.25. and i'd prefer you'd stab me with a spork.
he said he would flag you.
I would do the joke... but meh. I like it. Simple, and effective. Lol, my armory is filled up with dunkis guns :P
this gun actually works well for me, it works great dual-wielding them
sorry, but what does this shoot as ammo?
Where do you get all of the fricking Y connectors please tell me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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