This isn't a mod but is more like a conversion ALL respect goes to TheDunkis's for the original idea
lolololol so i hope you enjoy it oh btw (by the way) it dont shoot it only a replica
And its a Dragunov

Step 1: Stock or But !!!

The stock is pretty strong but bendy so don't step on it'

Step 2: Main Housing

this is were the mag fits and if some of the pics don't make sense at this bit is at this URL

but that instructable don't av a scope and ain't a sniper rifle

Step 3: Grip and First Part of Barrel

this mine and TheDunkis's barrel i just elongated it a strengthened it

Step 4: Almost There Guys That Is If You Could Be Asked to Finish It :)

its really basic but i will show you any way
your pics are extreamly blury
nice dragonouv<br /> <br /> i no wut they r off cod4<br />
im asking everone the same question, so can you make this gun ( its my fav :) )
no its an l85a1/2 or maybe a sa80 i no my guns lol
They are two different guns, try to compare them.<br />
Yes, the L85&nbsp;enfield is an awesome gun.<br />
&nbsp;In england its called the SA-80<br /> <br /> In the USA its called the L85<br />
the gun u have posted in the pick is a British SA-80 bull pup rifle. currently in service in Afghanistan e.c.t <br />
i think thats a IW-80-AW reminds me of a fams for some reason XD
I think it reminds me of a FAMAS because of the Bullpup design
em i av already made a 50.cal sniper soz
dude thats 5.56
hahahaha funny if you were a knex fan you would know that there isn't a knex gun that can actually fire at the speed of a 50.cal sniper rifle so stop trying to be clever
yeah but the gun you were talking about is 5.56 and yes i do know there is <strong>no way to make something that shoots 3000 fps out of knex and rubber bands</strong><br/>
The SA80 has been made it is the L98 version
why did you clip out the second picture, i couldn' t tell what it was for a while.
ak was a modification to a dragunov.
i know but mine was made from the basic design off dunkiss
BAD STOCK,sorry.. that I have to say it,but it really is an bad stock.But nice gun
it looks like the gun in the game resistance fall of man XD
Cool I might build just for looks alone
i like the look but u like this and my pistol i made?
post your pistol now!!!!!!!!!!!!"!1!!!!!!!!!!!
u want me to post the shity pistol?
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, u sedda bad weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd...
lol werd
yeah, just typing weird.
yeah, just typing weird.
ye really?
i dont av a pistol
Sorry, but i don´t like both of your guns, honestly.
em cool but im no expert
Your pics are pretty blurry. Does the mag even works? I'm not gonna make it if it doesnt works...
look i clearly stated it was only for looks and not for use ok
Then why do you say "Rechargeble mag"
when did i say regargeble mag
Correction: Replaceble mag. Its in step 2.
look shut up i dont care about the silly deatales
tjis looks verry flimsy
re make it so it works
y i like it the way it is
fine i am just sugesting
besides i took it apart to make knex 50.cal

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