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Alright well I checked out apples' slide for his sidearm and loved the slide idea. His pistol was really good and for once something original. I decided I wanted to try a new side arm using the slide. I'm not quite sure how this compares to the TDSs but it seemed to be just as strong. I don't think this will replace the TDS2 as my side arm of choice though because of the cons it has. I'm pretty sure it's a good alternative to loosewire's pistol being a lot more compact.

The major problems with this gun are
-It uses two modified orange connectors
-It uses a total of like 15-16 black hands if I counted correctly. Some of them can be replaced but most are needed.
-The trigger isn't a smooth pull. I need a better one. With this you'll have to curl your finger in order to pull it.

Other than that it's a pretty cool gun. It's a shame that I have to destroy it to complete my UMP as it was such an awesome looking pistol but the UMP will be even more awesomer!!!

I would rate out of 5 this gun as
A war gun (main)- 2 Unless indoors in a relatively compact house this will not serve you too well. It does have slide action and a magazine though so it is easy to fire fast.
A war gun (side arm) 4 It's great to use as a side arm as that's what it was made for. I would still say the TDS2 is better though.
Just something to fool around with- 5 It's really fun just to play with. Slide action is always fun and it looks pretty cool.

Step 1: Handle

Picture of Handle

Pretty much like all other dark grey handles. I managed to give it the palm support from the TDSs even though your grip on the handle is lowered. Note: you need the modified oranges for it to work right. I don't know about you but I think everyone should have had at least one orange connector break when used as a firing pin and I had plenty of those so I didn't mind. One should have both sides cut off on one end and the other should have one side cut and the other side only cut half way. I know a big pain in the arse I hope I could fix it. I think it'll hold up to 8 rounds although it will most likely hold 6-7 rounds comfortably.

1. Yeah pretty similar to the TDSs' handles. Notice the black hands and the modified pieces.
2. Palm support. Isn't needed but I find the gun more comfortable to hold with it.
3. Adding it. It may take a little work to squeeze it in there but it should hold solid once you do get it in.

Step 2: Barrel and Trigger

Picture of Barrel and Trigger

The barrel is based off of apples'. It is flat on top so you can add a slide right over the barrel without having to make an extra part for the slide to go on up top. The trigger is meh but it'll work. I'm not sure how much power it can take but probably not very much.

1. The receiver part of the barrel. This goes right over the handle.
2. Simple connect to handle.
3. This is the actual barrel. It shouldn't have much friction. By the way make sure that the yellows have strong connections and aren't loose otherwise the barrel will be pretty floppy.
4. Connect it then grab these pieces up top and connect them like so.
5. Stick a green rod in the back and then clip in the ball joint
6. Swing it down and stick a green rod through the orange connector. It'll hold together very tightly.
7. This may be a little tricker. Insert a green rod in the front and hold it in there while you push the other orange connectors in. The swing it down...
8. ...until it is held in by the other side. It may seem rather loose but this is just to fill in the barrel so it doesn't really matter.
9. Grab the pieces and put them together like you see here. Those are dark greys if you couldn't tell.
10. Put them on the gun like so.
11. Finally add the tan lock or whatever you want onto the extra space on the trigger so it doesn't slide off and then add the rubber band.

Step 3: Slide Guide and Another Piece We Forgot to Add

Picture of Slide Guide and Another Piece We Forgot to Add

Alright this is just to make the gun look pretty...
1. These are the parts you'll need for the guide. Rather simple to make
2. Then just connect like so.
3. Finally add onto the back of the gun like so.
4. Here's something we forgot to add before so just do it now. Make this for comfort. Or make whatever you want this is what I used.
5. Then slip whatever you made on the handle.

If you want you can tape the back area where the light greys are. They may pinch your hand and the tape overall makes a good support under the reds.

Step 4: Slide

Picture of Slide

OK so this is based off of apples' slide. I'm hoping to make one that doesn't have blue rods sticking out everywhere but you'll live for now.

1. This is the slide. It may seem complicated but just look at the picture and take your time. The gap in the middle of it was made when I was hoping to give it a shell ejecting feature but it failed. I just kept it our of laziness and for looks (although a real one would be farther up)
2. This is the ram holder and ram. The red connector acts as the back sight although you may use whatever you wish.
3. Connect it to the slide like so
4. Stick the ram in.
5. Finally insert the ram into the back of the gun. You'll most likely need to force it through but it should glide smoothly as soon as it's in.

Step 5: Finishing Up and Firing

Picture of Finishing Up and Firing

Are you excited? We're almost finished with this super awesome gun of super awesomeness! Too bad it's not the strongest but it sure looks cool dunnit?

1. This is the completed gun with rubber bands you don't need to attach the rubber bands the way I did but this was all I could with the bands I had. I recommend a long weak rubber band for the slide.
2. Make a mag pusher, grab some ammo, and grab a rubber band. If you want to then you could use the removable mag pusher from the TDSs I just was too lazy to make one.
3. Load in up to 7-8 dark greys or however many you wish.
4. Add your mag pusher whatever it is and get ready to fire.
5 This is the best part. You don't need a picture because you'll be doing it yourself. Pull back the slide until the ram goes past the magazine. Then gently let the ram forward until it pushes the ammo into the trigger. Continue to let go of the slide. Have fun and don't hurt anyone except yourself if you really want to for some crazy reason!


An Villain (author)2012-06-07

It's a this.

~Meme~ (author)An Villain2012-07-01


An Villain (author)~Meme~2012-07-02

Yes, but referred to as a "this".

The Knexer (author)An Villain2013-02-18


An Villain (author)The Knexer2013-02-23

(╯ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)╯ ︵ ┻━┻

The Knexer (author)The Knexer2013-02-18

OR maybe avmot klashkinova (fail spelling to lazy to wikiapedia Ak-47 again :P)

Jedi_man (author)2012-02-01

Hey guys, I modded the trigger to be a TRUE TRIGGER! I will post it (In the comments) soon.

Jedi_man (author)Jedi_man2012-02-02

Here you go;

Pic 1: There it is!
Pic 2: The Trigger Guide (Change the orange con. to a red!).
Pic 3: The Trigger.
Pic 4: The Trigger Holder.
Pic 5: Put the Holder here,
Pic 6: Then put the Trigger on.
And if you can't understand the pictures, I will post more to help you understand.

Jedi_man (author)Jedi_man2012-02-02

So, are you going to add it to the instructable?

TheDunkis (author)Jedi_man2012-02-02

Ah, interesting, though now my main concern is that there wouldn't be much room for your hand to fit on the handle the way I built it. But if it works for you, great.

Jedi_man (author)TheDunkis2012-02-02

Yeah, I know. A white rod on the handle hurts my hand. Perhaps it would be better if I cut the white rod or remove it?

Jedi_man (author)Jedi_man2012-02-02

I removed it. Much, much better.

TheDunkis (author)Jedi_man2012-02-01

It was a true trigger before, but what exactly did you do anyway? I hated the trigger I made for this, it was crudely thrown together and hardly worked itself (if I recall, I hurried to post this thing so I could finish my first UMP45).

Jedi_man (author)TheDunkis2012-02-02

You want to know how I did it? I can post more pictures if you like. And BTW, this gun is awesome with the modded trigger.

Fred the evil puppet (author)2011-07-28

can the ball joint in pic 4 be replaced with a grey connector?

Chances are that if I used it, it's because I couldn't use a grey connector, sorry.

apples!!!!! (author)2011-06-06

Ah, the memories. I think I'm actually going to do something with this slide again, since this rage seems to have died and I have a very interesting plan for it... muahahaha >:D

lowe (author)2011-03-16

amazing. love it, just cud u fix the slide?

DrWeird117 (author)2010-07-05

I like it.

lowe (author)DrWeird1172010-12-04

when you cock the gun, you have to pull the slide really far, and you have to pull it back further then the gun. Is this suppose to happen

DrWeird117 (author)lowe2010-12-05

I have no idea why you're asking me. :P But yes, when I built this, I had to do that. It's still a good gun.

DJ Radio (author)2009-08-17

wow, you were really close to naming your gun after a local gang's acronym's. TDSS is creepily similar to TUSS.

TheDunkis (author)DJ Radio2009-09-10

Yeah? I was close to naming it after the word toss too. The TDS is close to STD. Want to keep going because we could do this all month.

DJ Radio (author)TheDunkis2009-09-10

when did you finally notice my comment? lol that's funny like that... UMP could stand for "U MUST P" (say it out loud and you will get it)

I got it without saying it.

I don't care.

StarkIndustries (author)DJ Radio2010-07-17


 tds read out sounds like tedious

Yeah, I made a clan once with the tag (though I wasn't first to do so) XTC. Say that out loud and somewhat fast.

~Aeronous~ (author)TheDunkis2010-04-06

 there is an XTC gang.

knex luver234 (author)2010-06-28

freaking awsome gun, love the gun, but i immediatly modded the trigger, and made more accurate

paintswithbrush (author)2009-10-12

Are both orange peices broken?


mashedpotato13 (author)cool bas32010-04-06

oh crap... sacrifice another two pieces too the knex god...

cool bas3 (author)mashedpotato132010-04-07

Old comment!

~Aeronous~ (author)2010-04-06

woot! I finnaly finished this, but 2 things dissapointed me. the first was the trigger (I was ready for that) and the second was the mag in the handle. I am modding it now, so the mag is near the front of the gun.

TheDunkis (author)~Aeronous~2010-04-06

Well if you wanted it just for the slide action then you could have just modded my slide action oodammo pistol. It was pretty much the prototype oodassault pistol V3 but I decided the slide wasn't going to really help performance. It's still a proof of concept. I don't remember where I posted the picture so I'll just post it again here.

~Aeronous~ (author)TheDunkis2010-04-06

 wOw! that is awsome! i modded this so it has an oodammo mag,  and it now has a hinge trigger!

lowe (author)2009-04-07

that peice dosnt have to be a hing

lowe (author)lowe2009-04-07

the gun doesnt work. the trigger dosnt come down enough to let out the bullet

lowe (author)lowe2009-04-07

wait, i took of part of the handle assesories and now it works! great gun

lowe (author)lowe2009-04-07

sorry for the misunderstanding. this is the most powerful knex wepon I'v ever built. 100000*

mashedpotato13 (author)lowe2010-04-06

divided by 50000*

webby427 (author)2010-04-04

I boosted the rating from 3.99* to 4.01* :)

Nice 4.5*

~Aeronous~ (author)webby4272010-04-06

 oh, lol I boosted it to 4.02 lolz

webby427 (author)~Aeronous~2010-04-06


TwistedParadox (author)2010-02-21

I have had this gun for a long time and somehow, I made it into a machine pistol looking thing with a stock, sight, extended mag (fake), and a foregrip.

TheDunkis (author)TwistedParadox2010-02-21

Crazy, I have too just recently. I couldn't come up with anything to build so I figured I'd try making this work better for the heck of it. I couldn't so I decided just to make it look cool. I also made a fake, removable extended magazine, sight attachment, and foregrip attachment. I was trying to see if I could make a silencer attachment too but that failed. I made a stock but didn't really like it.

~Aeronous~ (author)TheDunkis2010-04-06

 did you fix up the trigger?

Tom Buckey (author)2010-01-10

I'm intreeged. How does slide action work?

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