This is the first in a series of hollywood makeup tutorials that will teach you how to make bloody gashes.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials...

Picture of Gather Your Materials...
you will need each of the following, all of which are available at halloween or party stores.

Flesh Latex
Blood Gel
4- color makeup Paq
Stipple Sponge
Cotton Swabs
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AdarDragon3 years ago
about how long do you let the latex dry before it becomes tacky enough to move like that, yet not completely dry?
kmeyers5 years ago
 OMG that looks like it hurts. very nice
tjsdaname8 years ago
thats so cooL!!!
Danny tjsdaname8 years ago
for dumb people read on instead of using the latex you could use: super glue/hard plastic solder straight off the iron melted plastic paint tipex for a completely fake wound.. toilet paper a plaster
Kaiven Danny6 years ago
I am dumb... but is there a good substitute?
eskimojo Kaiven6 years ago
Elmer's/Craft glue, it simple it's cheap and it's workable. It is not as reusable, but hey it's a good sub.
Kaiven eskimojo6 years ago
Does it dry... quickly?
eskimojo Kaiven6 years ago
that's relative to the thickness of the layer you are using. The thinner the layer the quicker the dry time.
Kaiven eskimojo6 years ago
oi, I guess I'll have to try it!
danm95 Kaiven5 years ago
Tacky glue works realy good, even though I think its a little more pricy
how do we use the paint? is it consumed?
He said for dumb people :P
would latex caulk work in place of the stuff ur using? ive got a party in a few hours....
Something that might be cool to do is get a plain white t-shirt (or any other t-shirt really) and tear a gash in the center of the chest then have a friend do the gash on your chest and drip some blood down the front of the shirt.
buckers116 years ago
i did this and made my bro sick lol
This is an EXTREMELY realistic fake wound. Last night me and some friends were running a hayride and walking the kids house to house. well, i wasn't paying much attention and i stepped into a water meter hole, fell backwards, and had to get 5 stitches in my ankle. I swear, this looks EXACTLY like my wound. Great work
I know where you live.... i will get you when i heal... MWAHAHAHAHA!!!
kitjen6 years ago
Nice Instructable; it looks really good. You might try an infected wound next, after the gunshot.
Kaiven kitjen6 years ago
kitjen Kaiven6 years ago
Kaiven kitjen6 years ago
I never see you on.
dkfa8 years ago
cool but does it heart when you peel it off??
speedcat13 (author)  dkfa8 years ago
a little, it helps to shave the area first.
you can use vaseline on any areas with a lot of hair(eyebrows, hairline, etc.) but shaving is the best and least messy way to go.
or instead of shaving the area, using either lemon juice if you have it, or warm soapy water it will remove the latex.
where do i get the latex and stuff. could i get it at a halloween store?
I got mine at a halloween store for $3
Gimpy9 years ago
Amazing, I'm definitely going to use this come October. Does anyone know some good places to get this type of latex from?
speedcat13 (author)  Gimpy9 years ago
What a cowinkie-dink. XD That's the brand I picked up $5 for a small bottle, at the local Halloween adventure. Here's some pics.
Meatwolf Gimpy9 years ago
mweston7 years ago
Oooooooo, this gives me some great, yet somehow possibly utterly deceptive ideas Mwahahaha
modio7 years ago
also seems like you may want to shave wherever you're applying the latex
That is so cool! ok, i now know what i'm doing for halloween!!!!
gunmanx8 years ago
this is dusgusting
Wheres the gunshot
that is really authentic looking, even at a close shot great job
It is really nice. He should become a makup artist!!!
that is the coolest dam thing i have ever seen! its so simple. great instructable! do the gunshots, i want to pretend to be shot while in the lobby of a hospital just to freak em' out!
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