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Isn't it strange that Mozilla Firefox is the best web browsing software out there, but has one of the blandest looking interfaces?

It's time to fix that (unless you are already running a Mozilla Firefox theme)

This instructable will guide you through installing, and running Mozilla Firefox themes and extensions.
(Please don't post any comments about how unnecessary you might think this instructable is)

Step 1: What You Already Have

The first thing that you want to do, is figure out what theme(s) you already have.

To do this,
1. Click on "Tools" at the top of this page
2. Then, go to "Add-ons", and click
3. A new window should pop up

This new window shows you what themes you already have installed.
In most cases, there will only be one theme called "Firefox (default)"
The next step will show you how to change that.
The image below shows the new window.
well i have to say how unnecessary this instructable is lol its fine but internet explorer all the way.
that was awesome!!!!!!!!!!its useless but still very cool!!!!!!!!!nice instructables dude!!!!!!!
I think you should include foxytunes. I havent gone a day without it since i put it on. nice instructable btw
i like the last pic lol :)
Nice little instructable, helpin' out the firefox un-knowledgeable. Steampunk theme is what I roll with -Big Rob
Cute idea for an instructable, seeing as not many people know that firefox has themes =<sup></sup>= I have the cute foxkeh theme on mine atm =<sup></sup>=<br/>
Smart idea, I have all these awesome themes for mine. I like the last picture in the Instructable.

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