Thermal Detonator


Introduction: Thermal Detonator

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This is tutorial about my new weapon replica from "Star Wars" made for my mandalorian costume

Step 1: Start

What you need:
1) Two small batteries 3v
2) Three LEDs and resistors for them
3) switch
4) Package for raincot
5) Silver and black (acrylic) paints
6) Super glue
7) rasp (Sorry, i don't if i could name this tools like this. If you don't understand, this is translator's mistake)
8) cold welding

Step 2: Shape

Using rasp you should make relief like you saw in movie. After that make the simpliest LED lamp and cut off a hole for it in your basis

Step 3: Next

Cut off a track for your switch and put there the screw with a nut (second photo). Glue together your halfs, don't forget to add electronics ;)

Step 4: Final

Using cold welding make a button and glue on a nut as you see it in the picture. Paint your model

Thank you for your attention
Good luck!



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    No, only the sound you can hear on video

    oh, ok. I guess I should have known based on the electronics used, but I was tired

    You can find a lot of different ways to make it in Google, sorry, that's a lot and hard to write especially in English (it's not main language in my country)

    cool. if I make one, I might do that

    if you will, share process)

    sure thing. but it might have to wait, I don't have one of those balls. but my cousins got loads, so I will see if he will let me use one :)