Introduction: Thermal Impressions: Low Emissivity Electrical Lug Inspection.

Picture of Thermal Impressions: Low Emissivity Electrical Lug Inspection.

A often overlooked predictive maintenence job is he inspection of electrical lugs. In this example I will inspect the lugs within my outback fm80 mppt charge controller.

Step 1: Removing the Access Panel.

Picture of Removing the Access Panel.

Just 3 screws and the panel is off. Now the insides are visible for inspection.

Step 2: The Camera.

Picture of The Camera.

My beloved seek thermal xr camera will be used to perform the inspection.

Step 3: The Results.

Picture of The Results.

OK here is a side by side visual and infrared view. Notice the lugs are shiny aluminum. This is not good for thermography. Instead I pay attention to the cables immediately at each lug. As per the thermal image there are no hot spots and all seem within acceptable temperatures.

Using a thermal camera it is very easy to perform electrical inspections.


blakeghx (author)2016-10-21

Very cool, good instructable thanks! Where did you get your thermal camera, how much did it cost?

Mjtrinihobby (author)blakeghx2016-10-22

Directly from It cost 290usd at the time but a more updated version is available.

Mindmapper1 (author)2016-09-25

I use my Flair Thermal camera for this type of task every day, there is no need to remove the cover as the heat will show through the case. You only need to removed the to investigate if there is a problem.

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