Introduction: Thermal Machine - Baloon

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Termal Machines are machines that are capable of transforming heat into movement. As we learned after this experience, the machine we are going to explain here is not one! But that doesn't matter now. Let's go to the steps!

Step 1: Materials

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You will need some things that are hard to find, but worth the result.
- Bunsen burner
- Erlenmeyer
- Baloon
- Water

Step 2: Part 1

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Put 50ml of watter in the Erlenmeyer

Step 3: Part 2

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Now, put the baloon on the Erlenmeyer.

Step 4: Part 3

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Turn on the Bunsen burner and wait the magic!(It may take a few minutes. Or not.)

Step 5: Result

When the water boils, the steam needs to go away, and the baloon is the only place to go. The baloon close the space but because it is expansible, the pression makes it "grows".


Stan1y (author)2014-04-01

is erlenmyer a brand name? as I'd call that a conical flask

craftclarity (author)Stan1y2014-04-02

Not a brand, necessarily. Named after its inventor, as is the "Bunsen Burner".

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