Introduction: Thermal Machine(Máquina Térmica)

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This machine turn  thermal energy into mechanical energy.

Step 1: Material

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Alcohol gel, lighter, cockler to put the alcoho gel, can of soda, a wind vane, syringe and some water.

Step 2: First Step

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Make a little hole on the can and wait until all the soda gets out of the can.

Step 3: Second Step

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Use a syringe to put some water in the empty can (Only half of the capacity of the can).

Step 4: Third Step

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Put the alcohol gel in the cockler.

Step 5: Fourth Step

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Put the can on the cockler.

Step 6: Fifth Step

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Put the wind vane in front of the cockler.

Step 7: Sixth Step

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Use the lighter to set fire to the alcohol gel.

Step 8: Seventh Step

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Wait the water boil.

Step 9: Result

Due to the fire, the water will be heat and turn it into steam, The steam will get out of the can with pressure and, when tough the wind van, will make it move.


momsnacher (author)2014-03-21

this is a really really really good idea.

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