Step 2: Mix

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Mix 76.3% iron oxide with 27.3% aluminum powder to make thermite.

To make the military version Thermate create a mixture of 68.7% thermite, 29.0% barium nitrate, sulfur 2.0%, and dextrin 0.3%.

I don't really know much about thermite. What is the difference between the military version and the regular version?
knoxarama5 years ago
now, how to you mix 76.3% with 27.3% of anything? Is 100% not a limitation here? please explain how to get 103.3%
loopycar275 years ago
go to the cast thermite one youll find some consistant ratios
I thik i have just worked it out! if u use a little more aluminium powder that iron oxide (Fe2O3) by weight you should have the perfect amount of Fe2O3 molecules to Al atoms. Please correct if I am wrong, and please give me a reason why.
Hi Guys. I was wondering if anyone knows of an alternative to barium nitrate for the military version. Thanks
When you describe making Thermate, are the percentages by weight or volume?
Jimbo2427 years ago
I would find it very hard to convert the percentages into measurments, so could you like, edit it or something so it says like, 1 part aluminium and 2 parts iron oxide, or maybe something else, just something to make it easier to understand. But thanks anyway, and i've never heard of adding those other ingredients before, so that will be interesting, but only if you make it easier to understand.
to do it the way youre talking about would be much more inaccurate and you wouldnt be able to get an equimolar reaction. if you cant do those calculations, then frankly you shouldnt be messing with this stuff for your own safety, but just to answer your question its about 3 parts iron oxide ( II or III, but III would be better, and may require a diff mixture, if you dont know what i mean, dont worry about it) to 1 part Aluminum powder. for the military mix, 2 parts thermite, slightly less than 1 part barium nitrate, a pinch of sulfur and a puff of dextrin.
I don't see the point in analyzing the amount of iron (II) oxide. FeO is much less common than Fe2O3, and readily corrodes to form iron (III) oxide. With common rust, it's a 1:2 rust:aluminum mole ratio, which gives a 143.69:53.962 ratio by mass, about 2 2/3 parts iron (III) oxide to aluminum, or 72.7% iron (III) oxide and 27.3% aluminum by mass. So the percentages given in the instructable were off only a slight bit, probably a typo.
Grey_Wolfe7 years ago
Fe2O3, iron oxide is actually referred to as Iron Scale. Rust (FeO2, IIRC) works also, but iron scale is better.
audiofish7 years ago
Is this by volume or weight?
spacewarp7 years ago
"Mix 76.3% iron oxide with 27.3% aluminum powder to make thermite." eerm... I think 76,3%+27,3%=103,6% I think that something is wrong here.