Reading thermocouple data on RAspberry Pi using JAVA and Pi4J with the help of MAX31855 14 bit thermocouple to digital converter. The MAX31855 performs cold-junction compensation and digitizes the signal from a K-, J-, N-, T-, S-, R-, or E-type thermocouple. The data is output in a signed 14-bit, SPI-compatible, read-only format. This converter resolves temperatures to 0.25°C, allows readings as high as +1800°C and as low as -270°C, and exhibits thermocouple accuracy of ±2°C for temperatures ranging from -200°C to +700°C for K-type thermocouples.

Source : MAXIM Integrated(http://bit.ly/2i3GvZ4)


Links :

Running JAVA application on Pi : http://bit.ly/2hO2f84

Java Code : http://bit.ly/2h4GtOO

Github Repo : http://bit.ly/2h4GtOO

MAX31855 Datasheet : http://bit.ly/2h4GtOO

Buy MAX31855 : http://amzn.to/2hP5VZB


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