My husband and I being nerds, we have encouraged both of our children to love Starwars. After my 7 year old had her birthday themed around it, I came across a bit of fan art on Tumblr, and happily showed My elsest how much it looked like her and her sister. 

That's when she decided that THIS was going to be what she wanted to be for Halloween. The little one excitedly chimed in yes. The eldest took the role of C-3PO and the littlest droid R2-D2. I started the costume design in August and it took a while to come up with and find all the right pieces and bits to complete the ensembles. 

R2: The hat was a piece of floral foam that the little one found when we were at the craft store. It's just a little Styrofoam dome, painted, and the little bits added on in fabric and cloud clay. If I had more time I would have made it look more like metal. But the little holographic eye piece, I found a little fake candle(for pumpkins and whatnot) and hot glued it into place. I also made a little clay bit that fit snuggly onto the top part  fitted with some clear plastic that I colored light blue with a sharpie. It's held on with some dark blue elastic. 
Her dress was a lot of smaller pieces sewn together, the white plasticy base, and the sheer shiny silver and blue machine stitched on. All pieces were hand cut.

C-3PO: Her head piece was all sculpted from cloud clay and mounted onto a headband, painted gold after drying. The eye pieces (as well as the knee pieces) were bits of flexible cardboard (cereal boxes and whatnot) that I mounted gold fabric to, and added gold elastic to so that they could attach to her glasses/legs. The dress was relatively simple, all free hand cut and sewn together (no pattern for either I just kinda go with it). It used shiny gold lame with darker gold sheer fabric with the arms and chest pieces. The belt is detachable using a D-ring belt loop, and the black stomach joint piece is stitched with close together zig-zags to mimic C-3PO's wiring. 

The most difficult part I would say was actually finding the matching leggings for C-3PO's costume, and I ended up taking mustard  yellow ones, and spraying them with gold glittery hair color spray and putting a silvery sock on her right leg.  I had planned to make C-3PO gloves to match, but I ended up not after a few failed tries and it getting closer and closer to our Disneyland deadline.

Some of my personal favorite bits are the light up hologram projector on R2's helmet, The black stomach joint with red and blue wires on C-3PO, and also their fitting personalities.

I also threw in a few "In Progress" shots in there, please excuse the mess. When I get crafty, things tend to... well get a little crazy.

We went to Mickey's Halloween party this year, and in Tomorrowland, they were such a big hit. 

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