Things Not to Do or Let Your Great Dane Do!

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Introduction: Things Not to Do or Let Your Great Dane Do!

These are the culprits!  When things happen, there is no need to look for suspects around here.  It only boils down to witch one. 
They are also not my dogs and are spoiled to oblivion!

Step 1: Don't Let Your Dog Get Thirsty.

Not only will they drink anything.......they don't care where it comes from.

Step 2: Keep Them Out of Prolonged Direct Sun Light.

On a hot day, even if they are ripping stuff apart, that sun can be a killer!

Step 3: Never Tell Them About Santa Clause!

That is a big mistake.  However, as the other photo shows, they do like to participate in other holidays.

Step 4: Don't Let Them Get in Your Way.

Even if you are trying to work, that's no excuse.

Step 5: Don't Feed Them Apple Pie.

You will come up short on Granny Smiths when you are baking one.

Step 6: Never Let Them Sit on the Couch!

You will have to sit on the floor if you do.

Step 7: Don't Give Them Something New and Then Leave.

You may get disappointed of their use for a new bed.

Step 8: Don't Let Your Dog Chase or Catch Bees.

You are bound to have a sad dog with a fat lip!

Step 9: Never Let Them Think You Forget About Them.

It is important to spend some individual time with a dog when you have two.

Step 10: Don't Let Your Dog Scare the Neighbors.

It's just not nice.

Step 11: Keep You Stuff Out of Reach.

When you forget how tall a Great Dane is, they may remind you from time to time.  Even if your dresser is 3' 4" tall, It IS NOT enough!

Step 12: Don't Leave Spare Parts Around.

In this case, all I did was take a phone call.

Step 13: Don't Put Them on a Pedistal.

Over time, they may think a bit too much of themselves and do have the potential to get "OUT OF HAND".



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    awwww! they are so cute! I have a female harl. and a perfect mantel male and we breed them!

    LOL.....loved this!!

    I used to raise Harlequins! And every picture brought back memories! <3

    i have a dane......sooooo true....."TANGO" all black 3 year old 180 pound destructo machine lol

    All the pictures posted are great. I think you need to add ottomans so they can prop their feet up.

    hahaha soon they learn why the bed is there, and choose not to eat it

    again i say 'impossible!'

    XD ok u know thats impossible

    oooh i love big dogs. but my bf doesnt X3

    hehehe, i dont even like the green ones *feed them granny smiths*