Thingall Solar Car


Introduction: Thingall Solar Car

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This is the thingall solar car a small model racer made from resin and fibre glass and this is how to make it 

Step 1: You Will Need

2.sand Paper(crewed and fine) 
3.craft knife
4. modelling rubber
5. resin
6. fibre glass mat 
7.gearbox and wheels
8. Under coat (2 colours)
9. top coat paint (British racing green)

Step 2: Making the Pattern

First you need to make your plaster mold Make it the rough shape you want your car  

Then once it has set cut it down to the size and shape you want

Then sand it into your final shape

Now you need to paint it in a fire proof paint 

Step 3: Making the Mold

Then boil up your modeling plastic and pour over the plaster shape (the shape must be In a container)  

Leave to set for 48hr


Step 4: Making the Shell

Line the mold with fibre glass mat

Then pour resin in to it make sure it covers all the fibre glass

Step 5: Gearbox & Bridges

You will need to make a bridge for the gearbox to be bolted on to it doesn't matter how to do this.

Any gearbox will do

but the back wheel is an odd size I machined my own I suggest you do to.


Step 6: Paint Filler Sand

The next stage is to paint it then sand and then filler(P38) several time depending on how fine you want it. And add in your electronics



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    The car is battery powered the solar panel is a attachable charging system I will add a phote