Step 6: Sew the Body

The body is sewn together in much the same way as the head. If you like, you may mark using letters how the panels match up. I did this more for my mom's sake than for me, to make it easier for her to sew on the machine. Make absolutely sure that you get the orientation of the sides and bottom right! On the back panel, sew the top and two sides, but leave the bottom open for stuffing.

You may cut holes for the neck, arms and legs before or after the body is sewn together. Just make sure the holes are big enough for the arms and legs.

Now you can attach the arms and legs. This is done by hand using either a whipstitch or a plain stitch. Really, anything that holds the appendage in place and looks reasonably neat will do. Pass the appendage through the still inverted body and through the appropriate hole. You may want to cut "tabs" into the end of the arm that is being sewn to the body, to make things easier. Carefully stitch all the way around, leaving no gaps. It might help to leave a piece of the wire wrap or tubing in the arm, so that you don't accidentally sew the opening closed.

Sew each appendage onto the body. Things will get crowded fast, so try stuffing the arm or leg inside once it's sewn on. Also, it's easier to do the arms first.

With the arms and legs attached, you can turn the body right side out. It's up to you if you want to give the robot a neck. I decided it would be too difficult to sew, but you're welcome to try. I simply sewed the head directly onto the body, using a whipstitch around the hole where the body and head meet. You could also use a plain stitch here, if you can maneuver the needle in there.