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      "Happiness is one of the most beautiful things on a girl." 

      Love it.  That is... so true.  That is so simple.  All girls need to know this.  :D

       I feel like somewhere in this 'instructable' it should mention that nobody can speak for all women or all men.  There's some sexist stuff going on in here.

      Also, please don't buy some slave-labor made teddy bear for anybody you love.

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      I know that no two people are the same.  It's hard to be generic when it comes to people because we are all so different.

      but the long and short of it is, people like to be recognized.  Valentine's day gives the chance for either sex to say that.

      If anything struck you as sexist and offensive I apologize, but this was written purely as a helpful, fun, informative project.

      Happy Valentines day :)

       Ahaha, this should be "The Guide to a Healthy Relationship". Not just for valentines!

      Very accurate on the man side. Specially that last sentence..
      "If we are in love with you, we just want you. WE don't need anything special other then your love."