Things Done in Reverse


Introduction: Things Done in Reverse

A little video i made today since i had nothing better to do. The song is called Red Barchetta by Rush. Btw, hmmberto is my name on youtube, i didn't steal this video.



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    Give me a break, I was in middle school.

    Sweet video, it is well done. Congrats and yeah I did rate it already.

    Thumbs up!

    Thanks everyone. I couldn't upload the next one to youtube (over 12 minutes) so the next one is on myspace . Please rate and tell me what you think.

    Great video, a bit long though


    I agree best thing

    Steve Allen used to do this as a magic act on his TV show back in the 60's. There's also a hilarious episode of the British Sci-Fi comedy "Red Dwarf" that uses this technique. Always good for a laugh when well done, which yours was. Great video.

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    Thanks =] I might have to check that out some time.

    Thanks. I'm putting another one together right now and i'll upload it soon.