Introduction: Things Out of an Old Bike Chain

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Got an old bike chain kicking around waiting to be up'cycled'? Look no further! Whether it's a keyring or a luck charm, it is the perfect gift for the cyclist in your life!

Step 1: What You'll Need

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This is a simple project, and only 1 tool is needed, and that is a chain tool. I got mine really cheap from my local bike shop, but you can get them online as well.
You will obviously need a chain too, mine is an old black one. You need to make sure it is clean, and to do this you could use degreaser, cleaning alcohol or dish soap if you use enough.
To make a key'chain' you will need a key ring, which you can get cheap or recycle.
You may also need a pin out of the chain.

Step 2: Measuring the Length

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Get your chain to the length you want it by using your chain tool.
What is really important and should not be overlooked is how the chain ends. If it is open on one end it needs to be closed on the other.
You need to make sure that the driving pin is on the chain pin before driving it in so you can drive it through with ease. For a keychain it needs to be driven all the way out. For a bracelet or luck charm it needs to be in a bit still but out enough so you can pull the chain apart.

Step 3: Adding the Key Ring

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Push both of the ends together and open a key ring enough to push through. Your key ring is done!

Step 4: Charm

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Using the same method, break the chain shorter but DO NOT push the pin all the way out, as you won't be able to put it back together. Using the same process as breaking it apart you can put it back together.

Step 5: Finished!

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Now you have some awesome looking upcycled chain things! You can use the same processes to make other things like bracelets too!


Uncle Kudzu (author)2015-02-08

I made a keychain out of a bike chain a while back and it's my all time favorite. I love the way it feels in my hand.

Thanks for sharing!

neo71665 (author)2015-02-07

You can make a wallet chain out of them too.

Want some really weird looks use a dull chainsaw blade.

mrquantrell (author)neo716652015-02-08

I like the chainsaw chain idea, sounds awesome!

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