Introduction: How to Paint an Action Figure

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Things that need to be prepared:

1. Stickers
2. Brush
3. Action Figure
4. Acrylic Paints

Step 1: 1st Step

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The first step is try to snap all the connections carefully by hand or use clipper if needed. 

Step 2: 2nd Step

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The second step is assembly all the parts together.

1. The body
2. Weapon (front)
3. Rocket (back)
4. Base

Step 3: 3rd Step

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 Next step, start with black primer, so it has base coat to build on and makes the other paint stick better. Put the prime twice if needed and make sure that you put the prime nicely and evenly over the surface.. So, after done with this most important step.

Step 4: 4th Step

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 REMEMBER!!!! Always clean up your brush every time you finish, so the paint will not get mixed up.

Step 5: 5th Step

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After the black primer gets dry, begin to paint the action figure with blue paint all over it. Make sure paint it nicely and evenly. Paint twice if needed.

Step 6: 6th Step

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 The last step, use yellow and red to add some variations and details to the action figures.

Step 7: DONE!

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 All DONE!!!


Matanji (author)2016-02-22

You make it look so easy and do-able!

JohnJY (author)2010-03-10

 Next Instructable, how to paint watch gears, because those are some fine detail!

JohnJY (author)JohnJY2010-03-10

Paint brush sizes and brands would be nice to know. 

getbusy21 (author)2010-02-12

I don't know about those two guys, but now, I'm prepared.

I wish I could up vote this comment ;-)

kelseymh (author)2010-02-12

I think you forgot to put a title and introduction on this I'ble.  Did you really mean for it to show up as "Things to be Prepared"?  And without a picture of the finished project?

lemonie (author)2010-02-12

You should change the title on this, it's "How to paint-"


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