Forget the old saying: "It's raining cats and dogs". Is it more like raining tables and chairs? Can't go out with your friends? Can't go the movies? So you're stuck at home in your seat surfing the web. Boring! Well, here are some suggestions to become unbored (if that was even a word lol). Hope you enjoy!
(This was an original idea I had last Tuesday, so the pictures on the intro and the first step are from last Tuesday)
And I know, this is my first Instructable in a while now.

Step 1: Stickfigure Action Animations

Wow! It's gotta leave a mark on t! Make cool action animations with stickfigures very easily with Pivot Animator! Pivot Animator is 100% free and you can make cool animations. Make them punch, kick, etc. Just use your imagination! The cool twist is that you can even download awesome objects and stickfigures! These are in the download links.
Download links:
advanced objects and stickfigures:
<p>I lOvE sTeP 4</p>
For the animation programs on step one, can they be used for things more complex than stick figures? Just wondering
<p>Nope, Pivot is used for the only purpose of stick figures.</p>
<p>It's an awesome way to let your creative juices flow!</p>
Thanks! I love your ibles. :D

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