Step 5: Pre-filter your shop vac

Picture of Pre-filter your shop vac
'Bodies' make good pre-filters for shop vacs.  They keep the big stuff from blocking the filter pores.  This is especially handy when using a wet vac for dusty situations.

I put a quart of water in the bottom of the tank before I begin. The body is on the filter.  When I'm done cleaning, I peel the body off the filter.  ( It's turning inside out in the process. ) The big stuff is inside the body  'sack' now.  I hang/stretch the 'sac' across the top of an old plastic pitcher so the big stuff is cupped in the body.  Then  I can pour the cruddy water from the tank through the body... catching the medium and small stuff.  The  muddy water  in the bottom of the pitcher is then free enough of debris to go down the drain. The drained  'body'  (full of crud) goes into the garbage.