This instructable is about how to upload data on thingpspeak channel using GSM module (sim900)

Step 1: Components Required:

  1. Sim900a module
  2. USB-Serial coverter
  3. terminal software (i am using bray's terminal)
  4. account on thinspeak
  5. 12 volt adapter for powering GSM module

Connection between GSM module and USB-Serial converter

Gsm module Usb-Serial converter

GND ==========> GND

TX ==========> RX

RX ==========> TX

Step 2: Final Step

Once the connection is done, follow the instructions given in the video.

Happy learning

<p>yeahh.. good tutorial, it work with SIM800L to</p>
<p>i need help for gsm with thingspeak code. i need to upload sensor value to thingspeak through gsm</p>

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