Thingspeak Upload Data Using Gsm Module (sim900)


Introduction: Thingspeak Upload Data Using Gsm Module (sim900)

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This instructable is about how to upload data on thingpspeak channel using GSM module (sim900)

Step 1: Components Required:

  1. Sim900a module
  2. USB-Serial coverter
  3. terminal software (i am using bray's terminal)
  4. account on thinspeak
  5. 12 volt adapter for powering GSM module

Connection between GSM module and USB-Serial converter

Gsm module Usb-Serial converter

GND ==========> GND

TX ==========> RX

RX ==========> TX

Step 2: Final Step

Once the connection is done, follow the instructions given in the video.

Happy learning



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    Do you have a rough idea how much data you use sending to Thingspeak using an http GET request? Lets say just two data fields. Is it just the number of bytes used in the url (around 100 bytes in my case) plus a few bytes for the response? I'm just trying to work out the cost to run my datalogger project continuously over the GSM network. Thanks for the great tutorial

    Thank a lot for the tutorial. Can you please help me? When I enter that GET command I'm getting ERROR. Thanks a lot in advance.

    1 reply

    Check the apn of your operator. Most likely it is not connected to internet.

    yeahh.. good tutorial, it work with SIM800L to

    i need help for gsm with thingspeak code. i need to upload sensor value to thingspeak through gsm