Step 5: The end result

Picture of The end result
I have been noticing that simply wearing the Thinking Hat can make a big difference, but when I want to do some really deep thinking, all I have to do is flip the little toggle switch on the front of the helmet and, WHAM, the thinking really gets DEEP quickly!

If you've ever thought, "Gee, I wish I had a Thinking Hat," I hope this little Instructable will inspire you to make one.  Have fun!
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I really like the hat, but I REALLY like the photo.
ZokiS3 years ago
Here is a Demotivation from me to you :)

I love this instructable, by the way.
knife141 (author)  ZokiS3 years ago
Ha! Thanks for the comment, and thanks for the link to the demotivation!!

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