Fourth Beginner Crochet Project: Granny Square

Picture of Fourth Beginner Crochet Project: Granny Square
Alright, so you've finally mastered the single and double crochet and you can increase/decrease, now it's time for the square to look a little fancier and more intricate. As you can see, this one does have holes, but still many uses. I've actually made a bag out of granny squares and a lot of people make afghans out of them. This is about the simplest one out there. You start in the center with a loop and work circularly around, making corners as you go so it ends up being a square.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You'll need worsted weight yarn (not black), a darning/yarn needle, scissors, and a crochet hook size G-J.

Step 2: Starting Chain

Picture of Starting Chain
We'll start by chaining 4 stitches like we have in the past. (Wrap yarn and pull through loop on hook)

Step 3: Starting Loop 1

Picture of Starting Loop 1
Insert your hook into the LAST "v" on the chain, still on the top half of the "v".

Step 4: Starting Loop 2

Picture of Starting Loop 2
Now wrap yarn under the hook like usual, and pull through both loops on hook. This is called a SLIP STITCH and is usually used to join to ends together, like in the ring we just made.

Step 5: Another Chain

Picture of Another Chain
This time chain 3 stitches, coming off of the ring we just made.

Step 6: First Round 1

Picture of First Round 1
Wrap your yarn so that it's on the left side of the hook. Stretch the ring a little so that you can see an opening large enough for your hook in between the chain stitches. Insert your hook into this hole, you might have to turn it sideways like in the picture so that your hook is horizontal.

Step 7: First Round 2

Picture of First Round 2
Now with your yarn wrapped on the left, you're going to perform a double crochet stitch into the center of the ring. (Remember: yarn on left, insert into ring, wrap over hook to right, wrap under hook to left, pull through first loop, wrap to left, pull through next 2 loops, wrap to left, pull through next 2 loops.

I made it. Thanks, Barbara

ChrysN3 years ago
Nice! I hope you put your beginner projects together in a guide.
enuscher (author)  ChrysN3 years ago
I probably will do that eventually, but I have many more to make before i do! :)