Picture of Fourth Beginner Crochet Project: Granny Square
Alright, so you've finally mastered the single and double crochet and you can increase/decrease, now it's time for the square to look a little fancier and more intricate. As you can see, this one does have holes, but still many uses. I've actually made a bag out of granny squares and a lot of people make afghans out of them. This is about the simplest one out there. You start in the center with a loop and work circularly around, making corners as you go so it ends up being a square.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You'll need worsted weight yarn (not black), a darning/yarn needle, scissors, and a crochet hook size G-J.

I made it. Thanks, Barbara

ChrysN3 years ago
Nice! I hope you put your beginner projects together in a guide.
enuscher (author)  ChrysN3 years ago
I probably will do that eventually, but I have many more to make before i do! :)