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(I apologize in advance for the text translated Google).

By mistake, I bought all the famous tripod spider in an amount as three parts. Not only bought because of the law of meanness they were with a bunch of marriage in many joints were cracked, resulting in virtually no stiffness in the joints. I had to think about where they can apply to use. "Third hand" I have not and would like to get it, so I decided to try to assemble it using the same support, not to throw the same))) Here's what happened:

This is actually something that happened as a result:

It was made all homemade and the remains after repair. Database size 200x200mm selected exists on the basis of a piece of floor tiles.

Step 1: Cutting of Material.

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Step 2:

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The sidewalls of the base cut, drill-holes 0,8-1mm for small studs.
Then apply the adhesive for wood and carefully assemble the side cover.

Step 3:

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Full Version assemble mount the coil with the solder and the base of the holder under flux.

The size of a pin nuts M4 Everything is going on screws, studs, and do not regret the glue for wood.

Step 4:

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Sverlom Forstner drill 30mm recess for bottles flux.

Step 5:

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Then grind everything by hand or machine.
Unfortunately the photo process is not preserved. (((

Step 6:

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- To hammer small cloves into the ground as the legs before applying stain.

- A sponge or a brush apply a layer of stain.

Step 7:

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Cut the correct size piece of tile and grind sandpaper edge.

Step 8:

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Drill holes for the holders.
Pobeditovym scheduled to drill, then drill reams glass.

Step 9:

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Parse tripods.

Detachable hinges and pick out the last of these rubber feet.

Step 10:

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Insert the hinges into our hole, I put in the back of the tile.

Fill epoxy resin

To make black glue in color with a tripod, add a pinch of toner from the printer (on the tip of a screwdriver, not more)

Step 11:

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Cut the required length of the stud.

As the pen found at the lamb from the lamp from Ikea, went well, it is doubled on both sides with additional nuts.

Step 12:

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Disassemble the components of our racks, carefully check all the joints for cracks and collect our "hands" we needed length.

Hinges can be lubricated alcohol-rosin solution to better movement of joints.

Step 13:

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In order to clips do not damage the board or wire insulation, heat shrink tubing to dress clips.

Here's how to all)))
Maybe someone will be useful.


DanielJ43 (author)2016-11-02

What a great ideea !

seamster (author)2015-12-10

Very nice work! This looks like a great soldering station. Thanks for sharing the details of how you made it! :)

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