Everyone has probably seen those rear view mirrors in the bicycle shops that attach either to a helmet, or to your glasses.  Well, they looked pretty cheap and flimsy to me, plus I'm a constant tinkerer.  So, I made a set and they worked excellent.  Recently I moved though and lost my old one.  So I decided to do an instructable while I made my new one one.  Now mine attaches to a baseball cap instead of a helmet or glasses.  So, you'll have to wear a cap under your helmet for this to work, unless you're like me and don't wear a helmet (yes, I know.  But I'm clinically depressed with suicidal tendancies anyway, so please don't berate me with emails about my brains splattered all over the pavement). 

Step 1: What You Need

The first thing you'll need is one of those telescopic mirrors that mechanics use.  You can get one at most hardware stores or any auto supply store.  I started out with the small sized mirror which worked just fine, but this time I got the jumbo size to "upgrade".

You'll also need 2 or 3 alligaror clips.  The reason I say 2 or 3 is this: you'll need 2 alligator clips and one "just clip".  I used a small portable reading light that I got at the $1 store.  This way I always have a handy light.  If you don't want to bother you can use another alligator clip (for that matter, for this part you can use a clothes pin.)

Now for attaching everything, you can use either solder, or like I did, Epoxy weld, or JB Weld. (I stink at soldering).  Some zip ties might also prove handy.

For tools, all you really need are a pair of pliers.  I made the one pictured with nothing but a multi-tool.

I did an Instructable for a mechanic's mirror with a more permanent mount to a helmet visor. &nbsp;See it<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Bicycle-Helmet-Mirror-for-2/"> here</a>. &nbsp;It did not show in the &quot;Related&quot; Instructables.<br>
I particularly like the quick comeback. I often forget to remove my hearing-protection earmuffs from the top of my head (where I put them when they're not actually covering my ears) and I get some strange looks. I'll have to come up with something witty to say now...

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