Thirty Second Party Popper Cannon





Introduction: Thirty Second Party Popper Cannon

This is a quick reloading party popper cannon using a piece of tube which fires a pop-rivet a fair distance.
There are similar designs around, but the novelty here is the 9/32" tube which is a push fit into the popper. A padded lollipop stick (as in another design) may make better ammo, but I was aiming for minimal reload time.
Usual warnings apply - DO NOT FIRE NEAR PEOPLE OR ANIMALS. The 'meow' in the video is Eric, and yes, I did check that he'd gone before I fired it. Pedants will notice that the cannon took just over thirty seconds, but I did spend some time showing items to the camera.
This is my first Instructable and video (using Video Edit Magic).



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    Wow, cool design. I modeled and 3D printed my own Party Popper Cannon with a using my Up 2 Plus printer. Check it out here My models are available for purchase as well.

    Another idea, take out the streamers from the party popper, put a coke bottle lid on the end, and pull string!

    short sweet and to the point as for a multi-shot  its so easy why not just cut off the neck of the popper (the part with the string in it ) and get multiple tubes tape them together and problem solved, you just treat the popper as amo for a system such as a gatling gun of sorts.

    my friend and i have been doing this for a while, today we made 3 wooden guns that fired bb's using the string bits from party poppers. They are easy to reload and you can easily feed the string back through, it only takes maybe 15-20 seconds to reload, we made a really cool double-barreled derringer style one

    can you make a reusable one please?

    Sorry - Single shot only on this. You could take the firing part out of several poppers but the problem would be getting the string through the tube and still have a good enough gas seal for it to work.

    I dunno why, but it sounded like you were talking backwards at first! But I was listening to loud music at the time.

    You know . . . You're absolutely right! I just thought exactly the same (listening to loud music as well.)

    stinks only one shot though