This Cow Means BUSINESS . . .





Introduction: This Cow Means BUSINESS . . .

When you light his tail, he will hate you. In turn, he will throw up his lunch:gunpowder

Step 1: Materials

business card(2in x 31/2in)
marker or pen

bottle rocket...brake off the stick and peel off the paper

Step 2: Chart It Out

pic 1:mark 3/4 in from each side
2:draw lines, mark every inch. last collum is smaller
3:draw lines
4:mark 3/16 in like step one on collum 1 and 3
5:draw lines

Step 3: Cut Some Stuff

pic 1:cut as shown
2:cut 1/3 of the sides
3:fold the 2 newly cut edges in. tape together.
4:get the front and curl it.
5:tape it down
6:curl other side over and tape.

Step 4: Adjustments

pic 1:bend pieces as shown
2:cut 1/3 off the each horn
3:bend the neck. Look in pic 5 for how much to bend
4:stick the rocket up its butt
5:slide the edge of the rocket just passed the chin

Step 5: Down to the Details

Draw a nose and eyes on its head. color little hooves. Also draw nice body sploches. Install the rocket again and throw up on people. (don't!)
Make sure rockets are legal in your country. Most cows only last a couple of shots. If you can, post a picture of it before and after you use it!(if you can)



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    Great 'ible'! I have like a million bottle rockets left over from the fourth. I'm going to try this. tip: Maybe next time you take pictures you could use a camera stand? I also have trouble holding a camera still in close ups.=)

    This Instructable is 3 years old, I have since then gotten better.

    i didnt have a bottle rocket at hand. or a white business card. oh well, heres my try moo!


    Nice cow! I bet it makes chocolate milk :P Is his head flat?

    yes. i drained all the milk out of him. now hes skinny. like in kung pow :P

    maby sumone can go to china and get really big fireworks and stick it in a bigger cow...

    mexico, mexico, mexico. i love that place. all your explosive needs!

    I said China, but, hey, Mexico is a lot closer...

    yeah. i go there every new years and christmas to blow the hell out of a deserted area haha

    In Chinatown you can buy these cool little paper popper balls. I'm not sure what they're filled with, but they're pretty loud when thrown.