This Footstool Is a Better Way to Use the Toilet





Introduction: This Footstool Is a Better Way to Use the Toilet

On the television show "Shark Tank", where entrepreneurs seek funding to help bring new products to market, I was introduced to a product called the "squatty potty". The goal of the product was to re-align a persons internal plumbing when seated on a toilet thereby resulting in a more natural squatting position when defecating. Simply raising the feet off the floor accomplishes the desired result. Lo and behold, the sharks bought in and agreed to help finance and distribute the product. At the time, while I found the idea interesting I also saw it in a mildly amusing light. However, some time later I mentioned the show to my daughter and son-in-law and was surprised to hear that they owned one and loved it! A subsequent google search showed a number of different designs online so, rather than buying the plastic version, I decided to make a nicer looking one myself and give it a try. I'm glad I did. I'll be darned if it doesn't work!

Step 1: Easy to Build

It only takes four pieces of wood to build your version of this "defecation station" (bad joke name #1). It consists of a top, two legs and a center support. I was able to build two units for under $30 which is roughly the cost of one plastic "poopin' pedestal" (bad joke name #2, sorry!) from a retail store.

The general dimensions are as follows:

Top: 20" x 9"

Legs: 7" x 8"(7" is the height the legs before making a second, angled cut to pitch the top of the stool at a slight downward slant after assembly. Simply take a straight edge and draw a line from the back of the leg to the front so there is approximately a 3/4" difference in height. Make the angled cut to arrive at the final dimensions of the legs: 8" long by 7" at the rear and 6 1/4" at the front).

Center support: 1 1/2" x 13 1/2"

Using any nice hardwood will allow you to stain and finish the unit to your liking. I chose 3/4" red oak which I purchased at my local home center.

Step 2: Shaping the Top and Legs

Shaping and then rounding the top and bottom of the legs is simple and straight forward.

1) Draw the pattern for the top - a place for each foot with a cutout allowing the unit to be pushed under the toilet when not in use. I used a hole cutter to draw the internal curves of the top.

1) Using any round lid or can just trace the desired curve on the outside corners of the top and legs.

2) Take a jigsaw and cut out the pattern and corners on the top and legs. (Use the hole cutter to cut the internal curves for the top.)

3) Sand by hand until smooth and any burn marks have been removed.

Step 3: Assembly

I assembled my footstool using pocket holes and screws. Pocket hole construction provides rock solid joinery that often doesn't require gluing. If you don't have a pocket hole jig it is just as easy to drill angled holes for nailing the pieces together. If nailing, be sure to add glue for additional strength. Clamping the pieces before screwing or nailing is a must.

Since your feet simply rest on the footstool there won't be a lot of stress on the legs so whichever method you choose for assembly should be fine.

Step 4: Stain and Finish - Then Take a Seat

The final step is to stain and finish your footstool. After staining I applied two coats of Watco Danish Oil to the entire stool. I then applied three coats of polyurethane to just the top for extra toughness and protection.

That's all there is to it. A simple weekend project that you enjoy using whenever nature calls.

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i'm gonna make some of these thanks

Awesome idea! Thank God you can't make an attachable bidet out of wood because I'd be out of business real quick! LOL. We think that the only thing which can make going to the bathroom even more comfortable and effective is using water instead of toilet paper to clean. And the most cost-efficient way to do this is through a bidet attachment. We sell a line of attachable bidets and would love your business (pun intended!). Please visit our website and give us a try! You have nothing to lose - we have a 30 full money back guarantee. Check us out! Thanks a lot!

I cannot believe the amount of comments that are negative with regards a squat stool. I cannot believe any doctor states there is no scientific evidence to support the benefits, because their is scientific proof. I started squatting on the top of public toilets over ten years ago for hygiene reasons and I instantly enjoyed total evacuation of my bowel without having to wipe my butt more than once. I looked forward to going to the beach every day just to squat. I have a stool at home, but it is not quite as good as the deep squat, thus why I am here today. I can only believe that the negativity from some has to relate to the fact that squat toilets are something Islam has given to the world, or your bowel is so twisted nothing will help.

Can not resist.. have to post this classic related picture.. Someone has to do it!

toilet bike.jpg

Squatting is the natural way to poop. Humans have always squatted - there were no toilets in the pre-historic age and it is only in fairly recent times that we have had porcelain toilets to sit on. Many people who suffer from constipation find squatting works much better. I had a friend who lived in Dubai (where their toilets require you to squat) and she said she never suffered constipation while she was there. A baby poops lying down because they cant squat. as soon as they walk they squat. Humans are meant to squat.

I don't know who first came up with this nonsense, but my doctor says just the opposite. Look at a baby. Do they get in a squatting position to poop? No. Do they have any problem? No. They are stretched out straight. My doctor says to stretch your body out as straight as possible to get the best results. I'll take my doctor's advice over some unknown entity trying to sell a product.

Once they learn to walk, they squat every time. Until they're potty trained. Most other primates with solid food diets squat. It needs more scientific study. It's possible our bodies adapt over time to using toilets. Maybe we need to study isolated primitive peoples and see how they go.

haha, ya cause all doctors know everything right.... they are all knowing and all of them are never wrong.... babies also dont have a very developed digestive system yet not to mention most of what is put into them is either a liquid or mush, so its easy to go through them in general as their digestive system developes. It is so amazing to me how people have completely lost all ability to use common sense and even more so that common sense is somehow being lost from society. Even with all the information at the tips of your fingers ....

Take a look at this video... It shows the anatomical reason why you SHOULD be squatting... There is a muscle at the end of the large intestine which keeps the colon clipped shut... This muscle opens up completely when you squat at a particular angle.