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This is my bed!

This is where my ideas, designs, creations, and dreams are born!

I wanted to enter my bed in the contest:

This contest is about showing where one crafts, cooks, builds, computes, or anything else.

I show you where I SLEEP!


This made this design to save space in my room.
BTW I'm very young so I can easily get up there.

Also check out the iPod Dock/Charger built into my night table. I'm working on an instructable for it!




Handy_Andy (author)2011-03-05

Wow! A bunk/loft bed above a set of stairs. What a genius use of that space! It wouldn't work for every set of stairs, or be really attractive in a more public part of the house, but it works perfectly for where you have it. Also, the iPod dock / table thing looks very well built. Simple and efficient.

colorex (author)Handy_Andy2011-03-05

Thanks! I appreciate your comment!
You can click on my name and check the Instructable for how I made the dock... :D
Thanks again!

copilarim (author)2011-02-25

i see you aren't affraid of heights! :)

colorex (author)copilarim2011-02-25

Yeah Exactly!
I have survived two small earthquakes (3.4 and 4.1)

Thanks for commenting!

rainone.gibson (author)2015-01-22

WOW... so creative! I love this idea!

velorna (author)2013-05-14

Your bed is so cool!! I had a idea similar to this. Mines would have been lower and wider to also use as seating when not a guest bed. I don't live in that apt anymore so I never got the chance. When I told people about it they thought I was crazy. I'm glad to see someone else out here had the same vision as me :)

tranquynh25 (author)2012-12-01

Like !

Enriqueto (author)2011-11-18

The use of the space is great and clever...The general idea is Ok...The room and the bed design could be refined and be better...I Iike the solution...good job

colorex (author)Enriqueto2011-11-18

My room has changed since. The bed is still the same... Thanks for the feedback!

SweetnSassy222 (author)2011-09-20

I'd be terrified to sleep on that especially with posts that small!! But it's really cool. :)

colorex (author)SweetnSassy2222011-09-20

They are *goes to measure* 4.5cm x 4.5cm...
They are pretty strong, however... since they are made out of hardwood...

haref (author)2011-08-05

That's crazy! I love it!

colorex (author)haref2011-08-06


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