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Introduction: My Design Shop (Contest Entry)

This is my bed!

This is where my ideas, designs, creations, and dreams are born!

I wanted to enter my bed in the contest:

This contest is about showing where one crafts, cooks, builds, computes, or anything else.

I show you where I SLEEP!


This made this design to save space in my room.
BTW I'm very young so I can easily get up there.

Also check out the iPod Dock/Charger built into my night table. I'm working on an instructable for it!





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    Wow! A bunk/loft bed above a set of stairs. What a genius use of that space! It wouldn't work for every set of stairs, or be really attractive in a more public part of the house, but it works perfectly for where you have it. Also, the iPod dock / table thing looks very well built. Simple and efficient.

    Thanks! I appreciate your comment!
    You can click on my name and check the Instructable for how I made the dock... :D
    Thanks again!

    i see you aren't affraid of heights! :)

    Yeah Exactly!
    I have survived two small earthquakes (3.4 and 4.1)

    Thanks for commenting!

    Your bed is so cool!! I had a idea similar to this. Mines would have been lower and wider to also use as seating when not a guest bed. I don't live in that apt anymore so I never got the chance. When I told people about it they thought I was crazy. I'm glad to see someone else out here had the same vision as me :)

    The use of the space is great and clever...The general idea is Ok...The room and the bed design could be refined and be better...I Iike the solution...good job

    My room has changed since. The bed is still the same... Thanks for the feedback!

    I'd be terrified to sleep on that especially with posts that small!! But it's really cool. :)