Step 2: Double Lift

The double lift is the first trick you need to learn to learn.

Use an entire deck while practicing.
1-Hold the deck like you are dealing the cards out.
2- Grab the first card, while doing this also grab the second card.
3- Flip these cards over, but try to keep them together and not show that you have two cards.
4- After showing the second card, pretending its the top card, flip them back over.
5- Practice until good enough to show.
pretty confusing but cool :)
it dont make cents
wat part r u having trouble with
all of it
lol even more!!
lol <br>
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VIDEO!!!!! plz., it'll make it better.
i acnt get a video on itll take lile three hoirs, my connection speed is slow, but ill try. for now ill supply a link to youtube.

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