Picture of This Stool Rocks
This Stool Rocks is available in Hard Rock, Soft Rock and Easy Rock. Hard Rock rotates 360° but doesn’t stand by itself. Soft Rock has a flat bottom so that it can stand alone and rocks forward and backward. Easy Rock is the most stable of the three rocking forward only. All three are included in the CNC file. Each Stool is made of two legs and a top and has minimal finishing work needed. I included a photo of some stools that I painted.

Rock Trivia: It is rumoured without evidence that Benjamin Franklin invented the rocking chair in the 18th Century. President Kennedy was prescribed swimming and use of a rocking chair by his physician in 1955 because the President suffered from lingering back problems. The president so enjoyed his rocker he brought it on Air Force One when he traveled around the country and the world. He bought additional rockers for Camp David and the Kennedy estates, and gave them as gifts to friends and heads of state.

I am setting up that aims to create a new infrastructure for digital manufacturing. Designers will have the option to upload their files for sale or for a free download under a variety of licenses. 'This Stool Rocks,' is available for download at My dream is to improve affordable furniture for the everyday customer that will be able to use Fabsie to order any product having the product personalised and sent to their home.

The stool was sucessfully launched on Kickstarter in March/April 2013.

You can download the CNC file at Fabsie which is a paid download, use 18mm or 3/4in thick sheet material - I used birch plywood in photographs.

godfreynz1 year ago
the links for the files are broken. would like to make this by hand is there some were to get the files still?
Apparently he now sells the files which makes this project commercial and the licence not really applicable
jamesmcbennett (author)  wasteinc1 year ago
Thanks for reminder, guilty as charged. I believe designers should be able to earn money doing what they love. That is the world I want to help create and to be part of. I can't afford my rent going on as I currently do, therefore I am searching for a system that is not destructive to the design community which I greatly value. I will continue to explore this domain further of which the CC NC SA license remains in place which does allow commercial work, therefore the license is still really applicable. Would love to know everybody's thoughts on how they feel about this and whether they support it?

From Creative Commons Site:

Can I still make money from a work I make available under a Creative Commons license?
Absolutely. One of our goals is to encourage creators and rightsholders to experiment with new ways to promote and market their work. CC's NonCommercial (NC) licenses allow rightsholders to maximize distribution while maintaining control of the commercialization of their copyrighted works. Choose a license with the NC condition if you want to reserve the right to commercialize your work. The NC license condition only applies to users, not the owner of the work. As the rightsholder, you may still commercially exploit your work. If someone else wants to use your work commercially and you have applied an NC license to your work, they must first get your permission.
Dont get me wrong james, of course I agree with you that you should be able to pay for your rent, and profit from your nice idea. On the other hand following the spirit of the CC license is also essential when we make a pledge with the community

I also use the CC -NC license for my work, and I think there is a misunderstanding. Even though CC made licensing so easy and we are all grateful, sometimes the walk around all this IP jungle is not easy. By the way I understand the NC on the CC site, it means the following:

Non-Commercial means that I (who downloaded your work) cannot profit from it. Which means I can make a stool for my home, I can make a stool for my girlfriend even, but I cannot sell them as you rightfully can do. If I am a big or small manufacturer that wants to make these stools and offer them as iStools, I should first contact you and pay you for your job.
And thats what you did and its all nice and good (because many people would still want to buy the ready-made product).

But in a way you still must give free access to your design, for all those who are non-commercial users.

On the ethical point of view, by offering a free lasercuttable design of a stool, you offered a free as in free speech design for non-commercial users. If you offered a design for free as in free beer, it would be different. You would say look girls, this design is free for 1 month and after that I will charge this amount and I keep the copyright. But thats not CC as I understand it.

giving to the community in order to get access to a market, is a way of marketing too. But if you want to be true to the spirit, you could say, ok the rocking stool is free and CC-NC, but the rocking sofa is not and I keep the full copyright. After all apart from your nice design, thats what gave you very creative idea part of the publicity it got

jamesmcbennett (author)  wasteinc1 year ago
Point won! I will change the rocking stool back to free.

But some things I do in the future may not be and will take the license as "I can make a stool for my home, I can make a stool for my girlfriend even, but I cannot sell them as you rightfully can do. If I am a big or small manufacturer that wants to make these stools and offer them as iStools, I should first contact you and pay you for your job." (Please don't call those iStools though, hehe!)
Lol thanks,
the iStools was used in the sense of a commercial project, I didnt want to stir up your i-sensitivities :)

Im not a lawer but I think CC-NC has exactly the meaning I wrote about what a person can do and what she cant do with your design.
thats why we prefer CC-NC and not the definition I gave which is less than all inclusive (it doesnt say anything about the possibility of having a boyfriend) :)

jamesmcbennett (author)  wasteinc1 year ago
wasteinc1 year ago
and to keep the spirit of this post and not leave it only as an add page, here you can find a derivative that is still downloadable :)
jamesmcbennett (author) 1 year ago
I put the stool on kickstarter to try kickstart the digital distributed downloadable supply. Please support and share if you can.
qewt2 years ago
that stool Totally Rox!
vincent75202 years ago
Pure perfection !!!…

I vote !!!
jamesmcbennett (author) 2 years ago
A question for instructables community. Is Plywood in the US different from the one in Europe? Our plywood in Europe is 18mm. I think plywood in US might be 19mm? (3/4)

Secondly, I am looking for CNC makers interested in making the stool (and other products in the future) in small batches for their local city. Contact me if you can recommend anyone.
I live in Canada. If I buy baltic birch plywood at my favorite lumber store it comes in mm thicknesses (although they may label it as inch sizes). If I buy it at the local home depot I am limited to crappy quality, and usually in inches (although, even with that, I'd measure to be sure...)
I got a 4x8 shopbot I'm located in ct
Plywood that is advertised as 3/4" in thickness here in the US is typically actually 23/32" thick or 18.26mm.
jamesmcbennett (author) 2 years ago
@boilingleadbath Thanks for the feedback.
v0.2 is born! Will work on it.

@kiteman: updated.
As a proposed refinement, if the soft/easy rock stools have a noticeable "bump" at the transition between bearing on the curved portion and bearing on the curved portion, you could instead shape their bottoms with a noncircular curve.
Perhaps, in polar coordinates, with the center of gravity at the origin and phi=0 straight down, r = C1 + C2/cos(phi)*(1-|phi|^n)... ?

Or, in Cartesian coordinates, maybe y = C1*x^3 + C2 up to some value of x = a, at which point the curve becomes circular. Then make it so that y'(x) [equation] = y'(x) [circle], and y(x) [equation] = y(x) [circle].

Or an ellipse.

The idea, in any case, being to have a smooth transition (no discontinuities in location or first derivative) between a curve which a center somewhere above the CoG and a curve with a center at the CoG.
jamesmcbennett (author) 2 years ago
Whoops, bad photoshopping! Thanks for the tip. Indeed you are right. Will fix it now.
Kiteman2 years ago
That's a really nice stool, but, are the slots right on this image from your site?

Shouldn't they be on opposite side of the leg?