Picture of This, That, and Other - The Magic Card Trick

The famous "This, That, and Other" magic card trick released in 2007.

Skill Level:
Low, but requires practice.

Note: Watch the video. A lot of the "magic" comes from the story. Practicing the story is just as important as the trick itself.

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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need

Three cards (Preferably empty cards, 2's, or Aces)
A permanent marker to write on said cards

Note: The trick shows better when the text is in the middle but can be placed anywhere.

Step 2: "The Pledge"

Picture of

The primary trick used in this card trick is the double lift. The double lift is where you show one card, while a second card is hidden directly behind it. The two cards give the appearance of one card.

A. Line up the cards in this order all facing down, Other on top, This in the middle, and That on bottom.

B. Perform a double lift by lifting This card and the Other card.

C. Flip the two cards up so only This card is showing, hiding the Other card behind it.

D. Turn the two cards over again so they're face down.

E. Because the Other is still on top, set that one aside.

Step 3: "The Pledge" extended

Picture of

A. Turn over This card so that it is face up.

B. Turn it back over and place it on top of the Other card.

C. Turn over That card so that it is face up.

D. Turn it back over and place it on top of This card.

Step 4: "The Turn" This Card

Picture of

"The Turn" consists of three parts, showing This card three times, showing That card three times, and then again showing This card three times.

A. Double lift the top two cards, That card on top of This card, and move them to the bottom. This gives the illusion that That card is the bottom card while the order is the Other card on top, That card in the middle, and This card on bottom.

B. You then show that This card is the card that is on bottom.