Mykhailo's Knex Pistol.




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Introduction: Mykhailo's Knex Pistol.

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Mykhailo's k'nex pistol its good i hope you can have fun. Good quality pictures. (and a better thing to do is make the trigger a white rod and not a green rod and gray connector)

Step 1: The Ram the Easiest Part to Make Here.

1. this is the easiest part the ram
2. there is not a picture to its just a note (the rod is a tan red rod)

Step 2: I Dont Know a Name for This Part.

1.this is just a part that you can make.

Step 3: This Is the Trigger.

1.Make this its simple.
2.Cant get anymore simple than this.

Step 4: Just Make This Its Too Easy This Is the Sight.

1. Just make this its to easy. Just a splicer from the knex roller coaster and a Y connector

Step 5: The Handle.

1.Just make these. And get a white rod
2.Now add the white rod that u had before
3.Now just put the rest on.

Step 6: Part of the Trigger and Sight.

1.Just make these simple.

Step 7: The Barrel and Attatching

1.Build these pieces.
2.And these.
3.Put them together.
4.Now put the other side on.
5.Add the handle.
6.Now add that one piece.
7.Add trigger.
8.Add the rest of the trigger.
9.Now add the little sight.
10.Now add the ram.
11.Your gun is finished.



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    it breaks every time i shot it


    Maybe now, but not when it was posted.  It had a new trigger and everything.

     OH but still.... NOVEMBER 2007????? im sure there were better guns then.
    thats practically 2008

    Pics were posted in Summer 07, back when the list was fresh and all. 

    I still favor this over many of the latest guns.

     over the killerks block trigg???

    Probably not, but I take that over almost anything.

    agreed. i like killerks block trig over almost everything. except my freekiller. i love that gun

    I have a few mods i would like to post if that would be ok with you. Just some pieces that fall off too easily.

    7 replies

    Sure go ahead! I would love to see them!

    Hey KBf you avatar looks like an alien!

    It is. His name is Cell, He's from a anime show called Dragon ball Z.

    Don't watch it, it was over the top with aliens.

    I have watched through the series 3 times. Dragon ball 1 time GT 1 and 1/2 times.

    Wow amazing, you must love it!

    Yes I do!