Give a general description of the Instructablehis is my g3a3. it is a semi, full auto, semi bolt action. Like always i like semi bolt action cause you have more power in the bullet and it shoots far. but on this on i dont tell you how to make a bolt on the gun. make 1 if your gun acks weird and donif its perfect like it is.

this gun shoot 3-18 feet yea the bolt make that big difference LOL and is about 69% accurate.

Step 1: Tubbing

Make this for the gun to fire and haves some looks.

Step 2: Looks

this is the g3a3 looks

Step 3: Idk Waths This Part So Just Do It

Give a general description of the Stepidk waths this part so just do it

Step 4: Clip

do the clip.

Step 5: The Rest You Need.

Make this... the rest of the gun

o and that blury pic is the front sight
Sick gun bro
this is beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the tutXD <br>
WOW, i blew it and got 20FEET
thats what she said!<br>Ohhh!
hm I am glad for you mine only whent about 16 feet... you did my creation beater than me.
this is any G3A3 Green
I like it, i think to make someone like this, i was practice with a rifle G3A3 when I was military conscript.
<p>Thats cool, dude!</p>
Nice dude.&nbsp; This prooves that you can do A LOT with paper...
Nicely done!<br />
<strong>P.S </strong>Could you post an 'ible on the square things? Thanks, acdc1226.
Undermig, could you post more paper guns?! I am a fan, and I love your creations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&nbsp; :D
how do you make it square
oh lol that is a weird part i know.... hard to explain also... click on my name to look at other paper guns i made and maybe i have 1 instructable that show you how to make it hope this helps...<sup>_-</sup><br/>
Have you looked at some youtube videos of sniper rilfes, id be so happy if you made on that work and wasn't for show, like the one i saw had the blow part was angeled up so you look throught the scope and just blow, with out looking away from the scope, but its just an idea
i hate scope. it doesint work and psper gun dont go far enough.
Wow! I'm definitely subscribing! 4.5 Stars!
lol yesterday i posted like 5 guns, new 1 and tot. ones. just to created a new gun it coast 10$ for me. and i created over 10 guns so that means it coast 100$ for new created guns... i hope you ppl are happy
i'm really happy! 5 stars!
lol why are you happy? haha and did you saw my challenge?
cause i am you punk! you got a problem with that? what challenge?

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