This Is My G3A3 Go See It!





Introduction: This Is My G3A3 Go See It!

Give a general description of the Instructablehis is my g3a3. it is a semi, full auto, semi bolt action. Like always i like semi bolt action cause you have more power in the bullet and it shoots far. but on this on i dont tell you how to make a bolt on the gun. make 1 if your gun acks weird and donif its perfect like it is.

this gun shoot 3-18 feet yea the bolt make that big difference LOL and is about 69% accurate.

Step 1: Tubbing

Make this for the gun to fire and haves some looks.

Step 2: Looks

this is the g3a3 looks

Step 3: Idk Waths This Part So Just Do It

Give a general description of the Stepidk waths this part so just do it

Step 4: Clip

do the clip.

Step 5: The Rest You Need.

Make this... the rest of the gun

o and that blury pic is the front sight



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    this is beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the tutXD

    WOW, i blew it and got 20FEET

    thats what she said!

    hm I am glad for you mine only whent about 16 feet... you did my creation beater than me.

    this is any G3A3 Green


    I like it, i think to make someone like this, i was practice with a rifle G3A3 when I was military conscript.

    21-Infante GP.jpg

    Nice dude.  This prooves that you can do A LOT with paper...

    Nicely done!