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Introduction: This Is My New Fish Bowl ( No Fish Yet)

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This fish bowl was made using a plain terracotta clay pot and saucer. I washed the pot first and let it dry good, then coated it twice with acrylic gesso and let it dry over night. The next day I painted it with aqua color acrylic paint for the lower part of the pot and bottom of the saucer(two coats) and beige for rim of the pot and the upper part saucer(two coats). Next, using the tips of a stiff paint brush I dabbed on various colors of brown and black to make a sand like affect on the rim and edges of the saucer. I let it dry between each color so it wouldn't all blend together and then let it all dry overnight. I then sprayed and acrylic sealer over everything (again two coats) and let this dry well. With pot turned upside down I added some stickers I had laying around and with tacky glue added some small seashells I had laying around. I also glued the bottom of the pot to the bottom of the saucer to make it more stable for use as a fish bowl. I did not glue the fish bowl down so it is easy to take off and clean out once I get the fish. Right now it is just adding moisture to our very dry air in the room. I made this as a gift for a friend for Christmas and decided to keep it once it was done and make her another one for her birthday later in the year. This idea came from an old craft book I used to have (Sorry I don't remember the name).



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    This is something you should post on a blog, not instructables.

    very cute I love how you painted it. My sister kept her goldfish in a two gallon fish tank for over a year. All she had to do was clean it more often. We had to get a bigger tank for him because he got too big for his space though. A goldfish doesn't need a heated bowl and I don't think a beta does either.

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    Yes, a betta needs a heated environment. I would advise that when keeping goldfish that you buy the appropriate sized tank off the bat- multiple goldfish in a 2 gallon tank for that long are bound to suffer from stunting, which will severely decrease the lifespan of your fish.

    Betta's are tropical fish so it is best to keep them between 75 and 86 degrees. A heater would be advised for a happy healthy fish.

    Teddy u r right about no heat for beta and goldfish.

    Please put water conditioner in! It will give the fish the stuff it needs and will live longer! Please!

    Cool tank and make sure to not clean with soap. Soap kills fish

    Very cute and unique but not sutible for any fish. Shrimp, maybe? I doin't think it's any bigger than 1-2 gallons and without a good biological filter your fishie is doomed. :| For any fish, living in an unfiltered tiny bowl is like living in your bathroom, getting food shoved under the door every day, and not being able to flush the toilet. Sure, you'd live for a bit, until your own wastes killed you. So don't make fish suffer! do your research first! But still, adorable.

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    My science teacher has a one gallon tank that a goldfish has been living in for about a year...

    This bowl may not be suitable for many types of fish, but in my experience, Beta are good fish to keep. Just put some colorful stones in the bottom and make sure you ad a plant. The plant will add oxygen to the water, though the beta swim to the top to get oxygen, but will need to be changed weekly.

    It's been very interesting reading this exchange. I think the bowl is really cute... could I use it for a terrarium? Also, I'm a preschool teacher and was thinking about getting a small fish-tank for the classroom. Any advice?

    If you plan on getting fish, go with a betta, because there isn't any other type of fish that can live in the conditions.

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    That is what I was planning to get for this bowl. I am thinking of starting up a 10 gallon tank though when spring comes. Thanks for the advice.


    it'll still die within a few years max. Unless you change the water constantly. Without a filter, its death is inevitable.

    It is very well built but not in any way suitable for keeping fish (even a betta). Not sure how big this is but it cant be more then 1-2g(Max) it is unfiltered and unheated. It would be similar to keeping a cat in a 2ftx2ft box and letting it live in its own wastes. Note: I'm not being nasty so please dont take it that way :) Make a much bigger one and add a filter and I would have one from you myself :) I have been keeping fish for a long time and hate seeing how badly they get mistreated (usally not on purpose but through lack of knowledge).

    actually betas need small spaces to live in otherweise they get stressed out and die way sooner, they live in small spaces in the wild and in very dirty water but yeah you do still need to clean their bowl of corse, though its nothing like keeping a cat in a small box

    Wrong. They do not get stressed out in large tanks and in the wild they do not live in "dirty" water. They do sometimes live in shallow water but while it may only be 5 or 6 inches deep it will cover a VERY large area. It is exactly like keeping a cat in a box. You are keeping an animal in a restricted space and forcing it to live in its own wastes.

    theres no filters in the wild and i said you have to clean the bowl

    Again your wrong. The bacteria that convert ammonia to nitrite and nitrate to nitrate are present in the wild (which is what a filter is. Its not there to "clean" the water its there to give a good place for bacteria colonies to grow). Also you often have plants which also absorb and use ammonia, nitrate and other potentially toxic organic compounds. More importantly in the wild there is a MUCH larger volume of water so fish wastes are diluted. By the same token in such a small body of water fish wastes are concentrated so by keeping a fish in such a small tank without a filter you are forcing it to breath and digest its own wastes. If you don’t think this is damaging to their health go and try and breath through a high concentration of ammonia and see how long it is until you burn your lungs to hell. Clean the glass of the bowl does nothing. Its not the “dirt” that’s the problem it’s the ammonia and phosphates in the fish wastes that hurts them. Please DO NOT encourage cruelty to animals when you obviously haven’t got a clue.

    boy you are annoying...and so easily angered of corse i know fish can live in the wild otherweise they wouldnt exsist, i dont care how it works though so im not gunna bother reading all that boring stuff about compounds and i dont encourage cruilty to animals im a vegitartian, but that'll probly start you on another stupid rant about stuff i don't care about so im done thanks, bye