This Is My Super Cool Ultimate Trumpet Stand.




Introduction: This Is My Super Cool Ultimate Trumpet Stand.

This is my cool trumpet stand from knex. I am planning to add a hairdryer holder stand on to it to warm up the trumpet for you. When I have done that I will make instructions.
Also, this is the first trumpet related thing on Instructables.
This is the link to my super cool, revolutionary, high tech design for a trumpet warmer



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    Cool, Now make one for my french horn! lol

    Ya, anything i try for french horn is expensive, clunky, or just unresonable

    don't play :(

    :( too bad, but I was kidding. I LUV FRENCH HORNS!!!lol

    hey! i have an idea! you know how you put your hand in the french horn to play? (of course you do...) you could make a plaster mold of your hand and make a stand that way. i don't play, i actually play a trumpet too. i just had this idea, since my cousin played french horn.

    good idea, but it wouldn't work. Most (MOST!!!!) advanced horn players put their hand in the bell (that's the term for the open end of the instrument, in case you didn't know, I'm sure you did) at the bottom, and it wouldn't hold the horn properly. And the trumpet is fun to play too ;)

    hmm... now that i think about it, it would tip over.
    the trumpet is fun to play! especially when you play starwars music! (my band teacher gave me the starwars theme and darth vaders theme!!! ZOMG!) Star Wars was the first song I figured out to play a long long time ago...
    Another one you might like is some music from Pirates of the Carribean. It's pretty fun and pretty high on trumpet, but see if you can figure it out.
    Something else that you might wanna try is a little freestyle, like jazz. If you're seroius about music, listen to guys like, they're amazing.

    ZOMG Pirates of the Carribean??!?!?!!!? awesome. the movies were ok, but i always liked that music. something else impossibly high to play is the legend of zelda theme. i get scared just remembering it... D: and that jazz vid is pretty cool.

    I have a very good friend (the best trumpet player I know) who already has it memorized, and he might have it written up, I may be able to send you a file if I type it up if you'd like. And you should listen to the music in a lot of the movies you see, you'd be surprised how it might sound.