This Is the Chicken House I Built (for $32!!!)




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Introduction: This Is the Chicken House I Built (for $32!!!)

Hi everyone,

I'm not the most handiest of people, even with the biggest stretch of your imagination, I am no builder.

Thanks to other people creating instructables, I have built a chook pen for my two girls!! It's not exactly pretty, but it's weather proof, fox proof and "the girls" seem to love it.

It is made predominantly of recycled materials. The guy at the builder's tip thinks I'm a complete looney, but I tend to think that opinion is blown out of the water by the final result (my chook pen)

Please feel free to ask any questions (I'll do my best to answer) or leave comments.

Cheers, Jaydee



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    Billien could you post some pcs of your choock house to give me some Inspiration.

    very cool, not bad for a girl :) I built my choock house out old pallets and lots and lots of nails. I kept adding nails till the whole thing held together

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    Thanks. Now that I look at it, the only things that were new on this whole project were the nails and tech screws. Mind you, I did snap the heads off 2 hammers, and snap two drill bits, and really ruined one of my husbands chisels. Only minor casualties I think (still trying to convince the hubby lol)

    Looks great! Nice use of recycled materials, especially the window. Do you have any pictures of the chickens enjoying their new digs?