This is the smallest knex gun ever made!

Step 1: Build the CAD Design

 Build the Cad design, rap an elastic band round it - then stretch it back with a grey or back rod (as shown) - and fire!
not the smallest, but one of the worst
look up smallest knex gun. one only has 4 peices<br>
ok guys sorry if this isn't the &quot;smallest&quot; i just assumed it was as i hadn't seen any smaller! :)
Small, heh heh.. yeah.....<br /> <br /> Good luck taking the blue cylinder apart.<br />
it's not hard, just push the white pieces together
It's tough to push them together
yeah i found that out today except it's 100x harder to pull them apart
not the smallest.....<br />
https://www.instructables.com/id/Basic-Knex-Cannon/<br /> <br /> I&nbsp;deem that smaller. <br />
yeah thats smaller and even the dunkis nano gun and smallest true trigger are much tiner<br />
Lol even a repeater is smaller than that. Oh well, can't expect him to know everything.<br />
Not the smallest by far...<br />

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